Welcome to third grade!

November/December 2016


I am so proud of all of the kids for their accomplishments! 

In science, we have been studying the water cycle. They created an experiment, a performance, and a haiku to show off what they have learned.

In math, we are focusing on problem solving strategies and really working and playing with numbers. 

In reading and writing, we are using effective reading strategies to respond to text and to learn about the world around us. 

Finally, in social studies, our class has been learning about what it means to be a citizen of the classroom, school, community, country, and world. We will continue to learn about the local and national government and the rights and responsibilities we have as United States citizens. This week the students will each begin a five-paragraph essay about a law that they would like to pass. As a culminating project, they learned about writing friendly letters and completed a citizenship project that they wrote to me about. These are some of their thoughts.

"I feel it helped my community by sharing things that I have to give."
" My project helped my community by working harder and being a good person to other citizens."
"I did enjoy this project!"
" I also learned how much hard work it takes and how creative I had to be...."
"Picking up trash demonstrates citizenship because it shows that I take pride in my community."
" I learned that there are many people who need help in our community and many ways to help."
" I learned it is helpful and respectful to help my world."
"If we all work together, we can keep our community clean and safe."