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Dear parent, This web site has been designed for the only purpose of helping students to understand better some concepts in Language and math. In addition, they would be able to get some support for their homework. For those students who would like to practice I will have some worksheet with exercises for the different topics in language and math taught in the classroom. Go to classroom resources. Also go to useful links to practice reading, spelling and math.

Mr. Pizarro

Instructional Schedule

4th grade


Ramona Elementary School

Instructional Schedule

4th grade









(15 min)

Breakfast/Class Business P.E. .P.E

8:30-9:20 8:30-9:20

8:45- 9:45

(60 min)


(30 min)


(25 min)


Math Workshop / Intervention

Social Studies / science

10:40- 11:00

(20 min)


11:00- 12:15

(1 hr. 15 min)

Read aloud/Word study mini lesson

12:15- 12:30

(15 min)

Word study - Workshop

12:30- 1:10

(40 min)


1:10- 1:30

(20 min)

Writing mini lesson ----->

1:30- 2:00

(30 min)

Writing Workshop


(1:30- 2:00)

Social Studies / Science

2:00 - 3:00

Social Studies / Science

2:00 - 3:00

2:30- 3:00

(30 min)

Social Studies/


Class Rules

1.     Be safe:  keep hands and feet to yourself; always walk in class; follow directions

2.    Be respectful:  raise your hand to speak; respect school property

3.    Be responsible:  stay on task and give a good effort; complete all class and homework

4.    Be a friend:  use kinds words and help others; cooperate with others

5.    Be a learner:  stay attentive, ask questions, and challenge yourself.


Plan de comportamiento de Sr. Pizarro                             Mr. Pizarro’s Behavior Plan




Gana puntos Dojo con estos comportamientos:

·         Escuchar atentamente

·         Siendo un buen aprendiz

·         Ayudándole a tus compañeros

·         Participando

·         Demostrando empeño

·         Trabajando en equipo

·         Siendo respetuoso(a)

·         Siendo responsable


Pierde puntos Dojo si quiebras las reglas:

·         Faltando al respeto

·         No siendo responsable

·         Haciendo algo peligroso

·         No siendo un buen amigo

·         No siendo un buen aprendiz

·         Usando el baño antes antes de que pasen 10 minutes despues del recreo

¡Los viernes tus puntos Dojo se convierten en boletos!

¿Qué puedes hacer con tus boletos?

·         Entrar una rifa

·         Comprar un cupón (10 boletos)

·         Ir de compras (20 boletos)

Los puntos Dojo son puestos a cero cada jueves por la tarde.  Los puntos acumulados viernes cuentan para la próxima semana.

Earn Dojo points with these behaviors:

·         Five-star listening

·         Being a learner

·         Helping others

·         Participating

·         Showing persistence

·         Teamwork

·         Being respectful

·         Being responsible


Lose Dojo points if you break rules:

·         Not being respectful

·         Not being responsible

·         Not being safe

·         Not being a friend

·         Not being a learner

·         Using the restroom within 10 minutes after recess

On Friday, your Dojo points turn into tickets!



What can I do with tickets?

·         Enter a raffle

·         Buy a coupon (10 tickets)

·         Go shopping (20 tickets)

Dojo points are reset every Thursday evening.  Friday points count for the next week.


Bathroom rules


Students can and should be able to use the restroom when necessary.  However, in order to motivate students to use the bathroom at recess time, they are charged 10 minutes at recess whenever they use class time to use the bathroom.  In addition, if a student asks to use the restroom within 15 minutes after class has begun or after a recess, that student will stay 10 minutes .  If there is a medical problem I should be made aware of, please let me know and we will work something out.



Homework Policy

The purpose of homework is to review, practice skills taught in class, and to prepare students for weekly tests.  Expect your child to bring home the following homework Monday through Thursday:

  • Monday:  spelling words in alphabetical order, math practice sheet, read 30 minutes and log it into a reading log, timed fluency practice
  • Tuesday:  vocabulary words (part of speech, definition, and sentence); math practice sheet, read 30 minutes and log it into a reading log, timed fluency practice
  • Wednesday:  parts of speech for spelling words, math practice sheet, read 30 minutes and log it into a reading log, timed fluency practice
  • Thursday:  spelling pretest, math practice sheet, read 30 minutes and log it into a reading log, timed fluency practice




Volunteers would be appreciated.  If you can volunteer, please indicate on the sign-in sheet a day and time that you can come in on a regular basis.



School policy is that celebrations need to take place during lunch time.  Students will eat in class and will participate in an activity for the remainder of the hour.  Parent(s) are responsible for organizing any celebrations. 


Supplies and Donations

The school provided students with basic supplies to use in class.  They must have the same basic supplies available at home to complete homework. 


We are grateful for donations.  If you would like to donate items to the classroom, these items are always welcome:

  • Facial tissue (Kleenex)
  • Two subject notebooks
  • Composition books
  • Expo Markers
  • Drawing markers
  • Construction paper
  • Manila folders
  • Student Folders
  • Poster boards
  • Photograph developing gift cards
  • Student scissors
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Erasers
  • Liquid or spray for cleaning desks (Easy Green)
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes (I have students wipe their hands before going to lunch.)

I hope I have answered most of your questions.  It’s been a pleasure meeting with you.  Again, thank you for supporting your child’s education.





            Mr. Pizarro