I am a native Californian bilingual in Armenian and English.  I have been teaching in the Hawthorne School District since 1978.   I am Gate certified and I use Gate strategies in teaching my students to differentiate the core curriculum.  I believe in challenging students in order for them to show their basic qualities as:  Imagination, creativity, curiosity, wisdom, inventiveness, sensitivity, flexibility, and joy.  Positive Action, Respect , and Pride are my mottoes.

Goals and Expectations

Teacher’s Major Goals for the School Year:

A.  To help each child excel in language arts, math, social science, health, and science to the best of his or her ability, using Depth, Complexity, Novelty and Acceleration as dimensions used to differentiate the core curriculum.

B.  To promote an appreciation of the arts through aesthetic experiences such as music and dance.

C.  To stress ethical and moral values by promoting truthfulness, honesty, integrity, and a respect for the rights of others.

D.  In challenging the students have them show such basic qualities as: Imagination, creativity, curiosity, wisdom, inventiveness, sensitivity, flexibility, and joy.

Teacher’s Expectations of Students:

A.  To behave and follow school rules.

B.  To think and use logic.

C.  To learn and review material (subject matter).

D.  To ask questions.

E.   To answer questions.

F.   To read at home daily for at least 30 minutes, (magazines, newspapers, books, etc.).

G. To complete daily and long-term assignments, projects etc. on time.

H.  To write legibly.

I.     To take care of his or her own property as well as the school’s property.

J.     To have a positive attitude and get along well with one another.

K.  To use proper language.

L.   To show respect and pride for himself or herself and everybody at school.

Classroom Discipline Plan


1.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

2.      If you wish to speak, raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the teacher.

3.      Follow and listen to directions given by the teacher.

4.      Be prepared at all times with proper materials-completed homework assignments on time, papers, books, and sharpened pencils.

5.      Use appropriate language, (No swearing, cursing, or teasing.).

If a student chooses to break a rule:

1st time          Verbal warning

2nd time:        Name on board

                                 3rd time:        1 check- loss of 10 points and parent notification



Severe Disruption:  Referral

Students who behave appropriately will be positively rewarded with:  Daily, weekly, and monthly citizenship points; weekly and monthly certificates; free time activities,  homework passes, Ramona Reward Slips, three auctions-October, February, and June, and class activity when the goal of 1000 points has been met.

It is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to his or her education.  I will thus keep you informed about your child’s progress in my class. 
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