Academy Standards
All Students will learn:

  • communication skills in a variety of formats and contexts
Career Planning and Management
  • effective career and personal decision planning
  • current and emerging technology will be used
Responsibility and Flexibility
  • accountability in students' personal, public, and workplace lives
Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
  • understand professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities of an ever changing society
Leadership and Teamwork
  • effective leadership, conflict resolution, teamwork, and decision making in a diverse workforce
Technical Knowledge
  • essential skills common to all pathways in the Finance and Business sectors

NFTE Surveys

Program of Study

Career Planning and Management
  • Career Research
  • Going to College
  • Joining the Workforce
Marketing and Finance
  • Market Research
  • Advertising and Product Promotion
  • Stock Market
  • Banking and Money
  • Finance
Business Organization and Structure
  • How Companies Function
  • Business and Labor Laws
  • Industries
  • Leadership
Communications and Technology
  • Cover Letter and Resumes
  • Job Interview Skills (or Preparation)
  • Web Design and Data Analysis