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I have enjoyed being at Hawthorn Academy and look forward to exploring with you the many amazing applications that mathematics has in our every day world

Term 1 Ends 
Oct. 17
All late work due 

Oct 8

Grade Book Note:
When students are absent and do not have the current days homework, I record the score as "M" (missing). This is so I give them full credit for that assignment when it is doneIf students have a "0" score, this means they were in class and unprepared with the current assignment.  They will receive half points when assignments are late.

Grade Book will be updated weekly on Sunday evening for the previous week. 
Disclosure Documents

are all electronic please have them completed by August 31

Students can now access their book on-line
 Username is: First + lunch#.HA
 Password:  Last + lunch#

Imagine Math


World Book Access

The Magnetic field emanating from the Earth's core helps create the Northern Lights
To learn more about this click here

ALEKS is a computer program where students can reinforce their math skills.  Students are required to complete 10 topics a week.  You can see your student’s progress when they log into the program. Students can see how many topics they have left to complete and can calculate how many topics they should learn in order to finish the curriculum for the year. 


It won't matter what brand of shoes you bought

jeans you wore

how you
styled your hair

What matters most is what you learned

And how you used it!