Zach Clock

posted May 8, 2018, 12:14 PM by Hawken FabLab
 My final project was a clock. I planned on doing an abstract design but I still wanted to keep it simple. These were the 4 designs I had to decide between.  

I chose to do the half circle design with the 4 etched rectangular designs. I liked how half of it is like a regular clock while the other half is somewhat abstract. The half circle is 4.5 inches and the 4 rectangular etches are 1.125 inches. 1.125 times 4 is 4.5. The lengths are equal. 

 This is the Adobe Illustrator design of the clock. I added a fifth rectangular etch piece and shortened each side from 1.125 inches to 0.9 inches. 


 These are the updated pieces of Aobe Illustrator design. I changed the design even more. The lines from the previous rectangular etchings would have affected the 12 and the 6. It is now a 4.5-inch half-circle with an extra 0.9-inch rectangle attached. There are 4 separate 1.7-inch wide rectangles leaving 0.8 inches for room for glue.   


This is the cardboard cutout of each design. Each piece is assembled with tacky glue. This proved that the changes I made to the previous designs are usable. 

 This is the final design of my clock. I decided to stain it dark and keep lighter numbers because I like the contrast. I had to level out the motor with a scrap piece of wood. I also decided to cut the clock hands to make them a little shorter and make one white and one black. I also arranged the numbers differently on the right side of the clock. Since the left side is like a regular clock I arranged the numbers normally. The right side of the clock is arranged differently because of the more abstract design.