There are two kinds of assessment for an ePortfolio; formative and summative.

Formative Assessment:  This kind of assessment refers to feedback, comments, and collaboration between peers and instructors over the course of the curriculum.  This kind of assessment is not meant to be an end in itself, but rather a vehicle for further learning and reflection.  Instructors, particularly in portfolio-designated classes, should be engaging in formative assessment periodically throughout a term.

Summative Assessment: This kind of assessment has a much more final or cumulative purpose.  In the College Prep Program at HTIC, for example, instructors may make a final decision that a student has met all requirements of an ePortfolio and has thus met the student learning outcomes of the program. 

The following rubric may be used as reference for both formative and summative assessment:

A Generic Rubric for Evaluating ePort...