Welcome to the HTIC Student ePortfolio System

An ePortfolio is a digital collection, reflection, and presentation of your work. Your ePortfolio tells a story about what you have learned at Hawaii Tokai and can highlight achievements and future goals.  By creating an ePortfolio, you and your instructors can collaborate as you develop your education at HTIC. 

General steps to creating an HTIC Student ePortfolio

  • Collect - Be sure to collect your written assignments, pictures, videos, powerpoints, blogs, and all other evidence of your work. These learning artifacts will make up the content of your ePortfolio.  Your instructors may advise you on what to collect.
  • Select -  You do not just want to put anything and everything in your ePortfolio.  Select assignments, projects, files, and multimedia that demonstrate what you have learned at HTIC.  These artifacts do not necessarily have to be your best work and can represent your development over time.  It is also recommended that you select artifacts that demonstrate student learning outcomes, such as Effective Written Communication, Global Citizenship, and Critical Thinking.
  • Reflect - Reflecting on what you learn about at HTIC should be an ongoing process.  Maintaining a blog, or journal is part of reflecting on what you have done in class, on field trips, for service learning, and independent projects.  Another way to reflect is to include a description of each artifact you add to your eportfolio stating what you have learned from the assignment or experience.  It is important here to also connect your artifacts to student learning outcomes
  • Share -   You can choose to share your ePortfolio with a select group of people such as your instructors (in fact you should be sharing with your instructors as part of the process all along), classmates, friends, parents, future admissions boards and employers, or the entire world.

Art 101 Winter 09 ePortfolio