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On December 6, 2000, Dr. Joyce Tsunoda, Senior Vice President of the University of Hawai‘i and Chancellor for the Community Colleges, launched the Wo Learning Champions initiative. The Wo Learning Champions are representatives from all seven of Hawai‘i’s community colleges and the Employment Training Center. The Champions have as their overall goal to design a program of professional enrichment for UHCC faculty and staff; to implement the program; and to oversee the plan for its continued growth. Specifically, their responsibilities are to design a program of professional development for faculty/staff renewal and enrichment that will:
  • Keep learning at the center of its focus
  • Have system-wide impact
  • Allow for expansion and enrichment of activities as new resources become available
The Wo Learning Champions initiative is funded through the support of two foundations: the Bob and Betty Wo Family Foundation and the Jim and Juanita Wo Family Foundation. The Wo families have recognized the crucial role that the State’s community colleges play in the lives of the members of our community as well as in the economic development of the State. Furthermore, the Wo families have also recognized the critical importance of professional development for faculty and staff at these institutions. As a result, they have pledged a gift of $1,000,000 over a five-year period.

In the first two years, the enrichment program will be funded by an additional $25,000 in support from the Wo Family Foundations. The principal and interest of the first two years of the endowment will be reinvested. In subsequent years, the activities will be funded by interest on the endowment.

The Wo Learning Champions initiative focuses on professional development for faculty and staff in Hawai‘i’s two-year institutions. With a focus on learning and an eye on leadership development, the Wo Learning Champions program invests in junior members of the academic community, renews its senior faculty, and promotes the enrichment of all at the State’s community colleges.

  • Attend regular meetings.
  • Serve as models of professional enrichment
  • Inspire members of their campus communities to pursue their own professional enrichment
  • Nurture a focus on learning excellence through sponsorship of professional development activities on their campuses
  • Share enrichment projects with colleagues, thereby enriching others and widening the circle of impact

  • Recognition as campus leaders
  • Opportunity to contribute to systemwide professional development
  • Support for own professional enrichment in the form of a mini-grant for travel to conferences or visits to exemplary institutions.

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