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-- A --

Aguinaldo, Bernaldo Richard - Basic glass fusing; Things come apart : a teardown manual for modern living

Aguinaldo, Nancy – Intermediate Ilokano : integrated language and culture reading text

Ainsworth, Don & Gail - Exotic herbs

Ainsworth, Gail - Blu’s hanging; Wild meat and bully burgers

Antoku, Hanayo - Grendel

Arruda, Olivia, Gusman – Patient’s guide to preventing medical errors

Askew, Adah E. – Montessori : the science behind the genius

Aus, Donald A. - Historical atlas of world mythology 

-- B --

Baldwin, Henry - To honor and comfort

Bernard, Ludie – Couture sewing techniques ; Cool couture : construction secrets for runway style

Borge, Marian Akiko – Raising small livestock : a practical handbook; Self-sufficient life and how to live it; Smart approach to home renovation, Back to basics : complete guide to traditional skills,

Brito, Archie – Mo’ili’ili : the life of a community

Brown, Art - Mayo clinic family healthbook; Johns Hopkins medical handbook; Parkinson’s disease; Torah/Haftarah; Every person’s guide to Judaism, Jewish holiday kitchen; Book of Jewish food.

Burton, Sarah Middleton – Anatomy of the spirit; Secrets of the talking Jaguar; Cosmic serpent

Butler, Bruce - Separate creation
-- C –

Conradson, Maybelle – Art of possibility; Caring in remembered ways; Fred factor; Halo effect; There’s no such thing as “Business” ethics

-- D --

Daliva, Simeona - Library buildings

D’Argy, Liz - Who’s who in opera

D’Argy, Sarah - Listen ot music; Penguin dictionary of music

DelaCruz, Adelina Dulay – Art of the Return of the King

Driscoll, Michelle - How to write a damn good novel; In the palm of your hand

-- E --

Edelstein, Gertrude - How to be a perfect stanger v.1-2

Eskinazi, Sandra – Cultures of Jews; Who controls the internet?; Once upon a time

-- F --

Fout, Opal Tolliver - Green eggs and ham; Cat in the hat; Hop on pop; Foot book and Encyclopedia of country music

Fuerte, Mabel Castillo – How to play the ipu ; How to play the ipu heke ; Haumnana hula handbook ; Mele hula workbook

-- G --

Gaddis, Lenora – American Diabetes Assn complete guide to diabetes: the ultimate home diabetes reference ; American Heart Assn : to your health! A guide to heart-smart living

Gage, Majorie Faye Cox – Diabesity : the obesity-diabetes epidemic that threatens America; Hospice Concepts : a guide to palliative care in terminal illness; Nursing America : one year behind the nursing station of an inner-city hospital

Galiza, Russell Jr. – Good guys, bad guys, Hawaii wildlife; How six little i’pu got their names; Please bury me in the library; Pua polu, the pretty blue Hawaiian flower; When I am quiet on Maui

Gammie, Marie – State of wonder:complete Goldberg variations, Essential Yo-Yo Ma, Lamentate, Rachmaninov:piano Concertos Nos.1&2, Bartok:piano Concertos

Garcia, Elinor H. – Waiting for Odysseus; Inside the walls of troy

Garcia, Sammy Sr. – Rainbow reefs; Gaijin yokozuna; Maui trailblazer

George - DVDs - Wolf children;  Big hero 6; A dog named Christmas; Unbroken

George, Eva Geiger – Random House Webster’s American sign language

George, Steve – Ho’opono ; Few more drops ; Hibiscus : hardy and tropical plants for the garden

Gomes, Sharane Kealailani – Banker to the poor : micro-lending and the battle against world poverty ; People factor : strengthening America by investing in public service

Goldberg, Irma - Five books of Miriam; Bar/Bat Mitzvah basics

Gordon, Eli - Penguin concise dictionary of art history

Gordon, Martha H. - Complete spice book; Vegetarian times beginners guide

Graff, Hilda - Rodales Illustrated encyclopedia of herbs, Encyclopedia of herbs & their uses

Green, Walter – Future hype; Trapped; Defining moments; World is flat

Greenman, Anita – Art & craft of making jewelry : a complete guide to essential techniques & Making metal jewelry : projects, techniques, inspiration

Greenman, Paul - Greatest cowboy stories ever told ; Fire in the hole.

Greenman, Paul & Anita – Complete western stories of Elmore Leonard ; Century of great western stories, an anthology of western fiction ; Jeweler’s directory of decorative finishes ; Master jewelers ; Penland book of jewelry : master classes in jewelry techniques.

Griffis, Wil - Time before history

-- H --

Harris, Sandra L. - Independence day; Mistress of spices

Hauff, Marie – Native American picture books of change; Girl who loved horses; Star people; Gift horse

Hew, Kui Seu - Hawaiian National Bibliography, 1780-1900, vol II.  

-- I --

Inamasu, Yoshio - Musical : a concise history   

-- K --

Kalawao, Kayde – Good guys, bad guys, Hawaii wildlife; How six little i’pu got their names; Please bury me in the library; Pua polu, the pretty blue Hawaiian flower; When I am quiet on Maui

Kamalii, Debbie Punalani Maxwell – Iz : voice of the people

Kanaha, Midge – In search of the lost roses ; 100 old roses for the American garden ; Healthiest diet in the world

Kealakai, Keoki – Nonviolent communication : a language of life : create your life, your relationships, and your world in harmony with your values

Kerr, Dorothea - Activist cancer patient; Hope is contagious; Home health aide; Kaplan careers in nursing

Kikuchi, William Kenji "Pila" - Hawaiian lomilomi : Big island massage; Pidgin grammar: an introduction to the creole English in Hawaii

Kipper, Richard Joseph – Golf fanatic’s guide to Hawaii; Golf for dummies, DVD bundle; Houses by mail : a guide to houses from Sears, Roebuck & Co.; New Yorker book of golf cartoons; Fashionable clothing from the Sears catalogs early 1960’s; Fairwell to hell; around the world in 18 holes; 1897 Sears Roebuck & Co. Catalogue; Golf made simple : improve your golf swing indoors (DVD)

Klein, Rose – Golem; Joseph had a little overcoat; Officer Buckle & Gloria; So you want to be president?; Smoky night

Kocivar, Thelma - Three testaments : Torah, Gospel and Quran

Kokos, Azile Binson - Sound of wings

Kokos, Michael & Azile – Speak; Living at the monastery, working in the kitchen

Kristel, Al - New internaltional atlas.

Kristel, Pauline – New American dictionary of baby names; Don’t let death ruin your life : a practical guide to reclaiming happiness after the death of a loved one  

-- L --

Landreth, Margaret - English patient

Leis, Dorvin Duane - items being selected

Levin, Irv - Haftarah commentary; Time to mourn

Levinson, Scott - Buzz; Prescription drug abuse

Lincoln, Aloysius Gregory – Na Maka Hou : new visions; Honor killing : how the infamous “Massie Affair” transformed Hawaii; Maui-full-of-tricks: Hawaiian rascal 

-- M --

Manalo, Larry James – Maui mile by mile; Reworking race

“Mango” – The art of racing in the rain

Martin, Lucky C. - Hawaiian hula 3 copies

Masotti, Elaine - Baboon; Willy’s silly grandma

Matsui, Mrs. – Power of gold : the history of an obsession

Maxwell, Charlotte Ann “Nina” – Iz : voice of the people

Mayer, Henry - Am I my brother’s keeper?

McKean, Donald "Bud" - Ecology and evolution of ant-plant interactions ; Tracks and sign of insects and other invertebrates

McOmber, Phyllis - Quilts as a living tradition

Meshulan, Eli - Internation encyclopedia of human rights, freedoms, abuses, and remedies

Miller, Myron - Denying history

Miller, Rick – Ultimate Cigar Book

Mizoguchi, Mildred Mikiye - Acts of God while on vacation ;  Amigurumi two! : crocheted toys for me and you and baby too ; The animal connection : a new perspective on what makes us human ; Beginner's guide to digital painting in Photoshop ; The book of Leviathan ; Fantasy creatures : the ultimate guide to mastering digital painting techniques ; Feng Shui for Hawaiʻi Gardens : The Flow of Chi Energy in the Tropical Landscape ; The granny square book : timeless techniques & fresh ideas for crocheting square by square ; Harry Potter : page to screen, the complete filmmaking journey ; It's a big world, little pig! ; The just bento cookbook : everyday lunches to go ; Make your own Japanese clothes : patterns and ideas for modern wear ; My-HiME [videorecording] : Complete collection ; The power of habit : why we do what we do in life and business ; The secret world of Arrietty [videorecording] ; Today we are rich : harnessing the power of total confidence ; Toshiko Takaezu : the earth in bloom : a tribute ; Understanding other people : the five secrets to human behavior

Moss, Alvin – Social security : a documentary history

Murata, Terry - Art of the icon; An iconographer's pattern book; The meaning of icons 


Naguwa, Yukio – Roofing with asphalt shingles ; Roofing construction & estimating ; Orchid growing basics (DVD) ; Orchid fever : a horticultural tale of love, lust and lunacy ; Orchids for dummies ; Orchid grower’s companion : cultivation, propagation, and varieties ; Orchid secrets made simple (DVD) ; Miniature orchids ; Easy orchids : simple secrets for glorious gardens, indoors and out


Ooka, Barbara - Start small, finish big : 15 key lessons to start, run, your own successful business; Execution : the discipline of getting things done


Peaches - Ethics of what we eat : why our food choices matter

Pezzoli, Ray Sr. - Parkinson's disease : a complete guide for patients and families; Parkinson's disease & the art of moving.

-- R --

Reed, Helen - Hep cats, Narcs and pipe dreams

Reed, Robert - Fundamentals of sailing; Sailing techniques

Rhodehamel, Josephine DeWitt - Double fold : libraries and the assault on paper

Richard, George - Living treasures of the Hawaiian islands; Hawaii : people and culture

Rodrigues, Bettylou – Pay it forward (DVD)

Rose, Adina - Item(s) being selected

Rulona, Angie Tris - Postcards

-- S --

Sabagala, Jordan – Good guys, bad guys, Hawaii wildlife; How six little i’pu got their names; Please bury me in the library; Pua polu, the pretty blue Hawaiian flower; When I am quiet on Maui

Saito, Masae - Becoming Tongan; Deadly feasts; Understanding alzheimer’s disease; Osteoporosis book; Caffeine blues

Sakamoto, Clyde - Learning disabilities A-Z; Man who listens to horses

Sakamoto, Tadashi – Art of looking sideways; A people’s history of the United States : 1492 to present

Sanaski, Ronald Joseph - DVDs - Tuesdays with Morrie, How the west was won; Five people you meet in heaven; Maverick 

Sasai, Gwen - Patron behavior

Sato, Glenn - Greatest fishing stories ever told; Ocean to plate; Underwarter foraging; 61* DVD

Segundo, Francis & Frances – Container gardening in Hawaii; Hawaiian games to play; Hawaiian language fundamentals

Sepa, Frank Raymond - Jean-Michel Basquiat, Riding the rails; Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese : Rivals in Renaissance Venice; Political folk music in America from its origins to Bob Dylan;  "To everything there is a season": Pete Seeger and the power of song;  Bob Dylan - No direction home, DVD; 

Sepa, Lisa Joan - Lone ranger & tonto; Artist’s handbook

Seward, Alice - Classical cookboo

Schwab, Wendie - Choosing a Jewish life : a handbook for people converting to Judaism and for their family and friends ; Excruciating history of dentistry : toothsome tales and oral oddities from Babylon to braces.

Sciullo, Agnes - There’s an alligator under my bed; Caps for sale

Sciullo, Arthur - Tell me again about the night I was born; Your body belongs to you

Sheridan, Donald - History of opera ; Opera 101

Shibano, FusaeKyuuto! Japanese crafts!; Japanese hot pots; Harumi’s Japanese home cooking; Japanese family-style recipes; Zakka sewing

Shibano, Kris Yoshio – Star Trek encyclopedia ; Revolution in the valley : the insanely great story of how the Mac was made ; Star Wars : the complete visual dictionary – the ultimate guide to characters and creatures from the entire Star Wars saga ; Bowling fundamentals ; Star Wars complete cross-sections : the spacecraft and vehicles of the entire Star Wars saga ; Buddha’s brain : the practical neuroscience of happiness, love and wisdom ; Jedi path : a manual for students of the force ; IT Crowd : the complete season one

Shishido, Toshie - Biological exuberance; Woman : an ultimate geography

Shishido, Yukinobu & Toshie – Concise handbook pf psychoactive herbs; Generation Rx; Health and long life the Chinese way

Smith, Doreen - Dr. Susan Love’s hormone book

Sparks, Al - Violence as obscenity; Mayhem; Why people don’t trust government; Death & rebirth of American radicalism; Clash of civilizations and remaking of world order

Swanson, Bob & Sandra – Universal computer

-- T --

Takemoto, George Masami – George Catlin and his Indian gallery

I.Takitani - Sushi for parties

Tamanaha, Tomiko – Pacific Islander’s book of names

Tavares, Howard Patrick Pacheco - Hawaii's animals and wildlife ; The red-headed Hawaiian : the inspiring story about a local boy from rural Hawaii who makes good ; Happy me, happy you : the huna way to healthy relationships ; Hawaiian music in motion : mariners, missionaries, and minstrels (music in American life) 

Tenny, Alf - Basic internet for busy librarians

Teshima, Masao– 50 ways to save the ocean ; Tsunami: the true story of an April’s fools’ day disaster ; Under the blood-red sun 

Timm, Margaret - Best bet internet

Tolliver, Robert F. (Bob)   Crimes of the heart (book and dvd) ; Night bookmobile ; Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead ;  Behanding in Spokane ; American Play: 1787-2000

Torres, Alma Silva - Designing the new kitchen garden : an American potager handbook (on order)

-- U --

Umetsu, Marilyn – Journey’s of Socrates; DVD’s – Peaceful warrior; Cinderella Man ; Pursuit of happyness ; Kung fu hustle ; Four brothers ; Covenant ; Evita ; Zatoichi ; Sonatine

Umetsu, Thomas Takao – Living legacy : outstanding Japanese women of the 20th century in Hawaii; Some fruits of Hawaii; Molokini : Hawaii's island marine sanctuary

-- Y --

Yoda, Takayo – Bless me, Ultima; Little too much is enough

Yoshioka, Tamaki “Ruth” – Lord of the rings (3 volume set)

Yoshioka, Yasuto – Complete book of sushi ; Healthy & tasty sushi rolls and onigiri

Yoshitake, Doris – Birds : images of Hawaii’s feathered heritage; Giant telescopes : astronomical ambition & the promise of technology; Masters of Hawaiian slack key guitar; Secrets of contemporary slack key guitar


10,000 dreams and their traditional meanings

Activist cancer patient

Arranged marriage

American heart association low-fat, low cholesterol cookbook

Battle of the sexes


Central nervous system : structure and function

Evolution! : Facts and Fallacies

Frida Kahlo

From Lucy to language

God of small things

Happy new year!

Harvest of rage

Hawaii one summer

Headlong : a novel

Heads by Harry

Home health nursing

Honor thy children

I want heads

Illustrated history of Jewish people

Inside picture books

Johns Hopkins guide to diabetes

Last orders

Legends of ukulele

Martin Dressler

On our own

Physiology of sport and exercise

Reconciling the past

Reservations blues

Shakespeare : the invention of the human

She does math!

Stone diaries

Sounds feelings thoughts

Spoiled : the dangerous truth

Thieves of paradise

Thinking in jazz

What is natural? : Coral reef crisis

Why am I different?

Why marijuana should be legal

Willy’s silly grandma


Additions from Congregation Gan Eden:

1. Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues since 1945
2. Believers and beliefs : a practical guide to religious etiquette for business and social occasions
3. Ravensbrck\Ravensbruck : everday life in a women’s concentration camp
4. Two Jews cans still be  a mixed marriage
5. Macmillan profiles : religious leaders of the world
6. Macmillan profiles : Humanitarians & civil rights leaders
7. Macmillan profiles : Rescue & resistance/holocaust

 Purchases possible from anonymous donor(s):

1. Basket book
2. How to use computers
Foundations in polymer clay
Mastering macromedia dreamweaver 3
5. Folk socks
6. Folk mittens
Getting started computer consulting
8. Dreamweaver 3 for win/mac
9. Flash 4 : creative web annimation
10. Fireworks 3
Flash web design
12. Programming MS visually
Creating your career portfolio: at a glance guide
14. Why we hurt : the natural history of pain
15. Television What’s on, who’s watching and what it means
16. Atlas of world history
Ainu : spirit of a northern people
18. American lung association family guide to asthma and allergies
Asian American dreams
20. Cultural literacy
Who moved my cheese?
22. Voices from S-21
23. You’re too kind
24. Why sex matters
25. National geographic desk reference
Chimpanzee politics
Outdoor careers
28. Universal declaration of human rights
Executing justice
Understanding disease
Real birth
Organ transplants
33. Date rape prevention book
34. Oryx guide to natural history
35. Encyclopedia of smoking and tobacco
When corporations rule the world
Puerto Rican poet
De Borinquen a Hawaii book
39. John A. Burns : the man and his times
40. Alien species in North America and Hawaii : impacts on natural ecosystems
41. Darwin’s ghost : the origin of species updated
42. The beach : the history of paradise on earth
43. All the laws but one : civil liberties in wartime
44. Hemp horizons : the comeback of America’s most maligned plant
45. Conservation biology in Hawaii
Sharks of polynesia
47-56. Macmillan profiles : 10 various volumes
57-68.  Penguin lives : 12 various volumes + standing order for estimated 6 more volumes