UHMC Mission, Vision, and Core Values


The University of Hawai‘i Maui College inspires students to develop knowledge and skills in pursuit of academic, career, and personal goals in a supportive educational environment that emphasizes community engagement, lifelong learning, sustainable living, Native Hawaiian culture, and global understanding.


UH Maui College: We will prepare students to respond to emerging challenges in their lives, communities, and the world through compassion, leadership, problem-solving, and innovation.

Our Core Values

The faculty and staff of UH Maui College aspire to embody the following Core Values through their work serving the educational needs of students:
  • Aloha – Affection, compassion, sympathy, kindness, grace, charity; to show kindness, mercy, charity.
  • Kuleana – Right, privilege, concern, responsibility, title, business, property, estate, portion, jurisdiction, authority, liability, interest, claim, ownership; reason, cause, function, justification.
  • Lōkahi – Unity, agreement, accord, unison, harmony; agreed, in unity.
  • Mālama – To take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect, beware, save, maintain: care, preservation, support, loyalty: custodian, care taker, keeper.
  • Manaʻolana – Hope, confidence, expectation; to hope.
  • Pono – Goodness, uprightness, morality, moral qualities, correct or proper procedures, excellence, well-being, prosperity, welfare, benefit, behalf, equity, sake, true condition or nature, duty; moral, fitting, proper, righteous, right, just, virtuous, fair, beneficial, correct; should, ought, necessary.

Our Institutional Learning Outcomes

To qualify for graduation, students demonstrate the following abilities at a level of rigor appropriate for their degree:
  • Apply essential skills and knowledge of a technical or academic field to perform tasks, address challenges, and solve problems.
  • Address social, environmental, or economic issues through work that exemplifies effective interaction in real-world situations.
  • Integrate multiple perspectives and a broad context of understanding to interpret problems, issues, and artifacts.
  • Write and speak effectively to convey ideas that meet the needs of specific audiences and purposes.
  • Apply creativity and analytical thinking to convey ideas, address challenges, and solve problems.
  • Solve problems utilizing mathematical models, methods, and effective quantitative reasoning.
  • Find, evaluate, and share information effectively and responsibly.