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 FSHN Council
Food Science and Human Nutrition Council 
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
The Food Science Human Nutrition (FSHN) Council is a student organization at the University of Hawaii at Manoa that strives to nurture students' interest in dietetics, research, community wellness, and nutrition.

The Council provides the opportunity for students to network with other students, faculty, and professionals in food science, nutrition and other health-related fields. In addition to enhancing fellowship and facilitating communication, members are exposed to career information, scholarships opportunities, and community service activities. Our members are involved with the Hawaii Dietetic Association (HDA) and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) which gives us access to the latest news in nutrition and an exceptionally valuable professional network.

We welcome anyone in the nutrition program to join us, and also anyone interested in learning more about this field. To learn more, explore our website to see what the FSHN Council is cooking up at the University of Hawaii and in the community.

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Congratulations to the Spring Class of 2016 Graduating Class!
Food Science and Human Nutrition Graduates:

Aurellano, Bernice Christine
Badua, Christine Pablo
Castillo, Maryhmelle A
Chun, Cherisse Kanani
Cooper, Kelly Anne
Dirige, Beverly Lozano
Endo, Kalamanu Mary
Fukunaga, Marisa Akemi
Hamada, Liana Nicole
Hinson, Chrisann Marie
Hiroi, Emily Ayaka

Kajiwara, Christine Yooko
Kaneshiro, Lexi Reimi
Kuhar, Tyra
Nakao, Carissa Chiemi
Nation, Natalie Anne Louise
O'Gorman, Leah Nicole
Rentrop, Dessa Annette
Tanji, Koichi
Torres, William Manglona

Veltre, Justeena Uluwehipualani
Vidad, Sarah Cagaoan
Villiger, Ross Kanoa
Wang, Flora Ming Yi
Wellein, Max Andrew
Wong, Nathan Aaron Ka'eo
Yang, Haixin
Yiu, Ericka Sue-Yeung
Yuen, Beverly