FabLab Home

Welcome to the University of Hawaii Fabrication Laboratory homepage. We are located in Holmes Hall 448/449. If you would like to use this facility, please contact Dr. David Garmire (garmire@hawaii.edu) or the FabLab managers (fablab@hawaii.edu). In the meantime, please see the following resources for learning about the FabLab.

Hours of Operation: M-F 9am-9pm

Overview Material

  • Brochure [pdf]
  • COE Banquet Poster [pdf]
  • Online matchmaking/project-findingĀ tool


  • Standard Operating Procedure [link]
  • Equipment
    • 3' * 4' fullspectrum laser cutter - sop
    • Makergear M2 3D Printers - sop
  • Material and SDS Sheets [gsheet]

Lab Involvement

  • Graduate students lab managers
    • Tamra Oyama (EE)
    • Jie Zhou (EE)
  • Undergraduate lab monitors
    • Chris Kaneshiro (CEE)
    • Daniel Morta (ME)
    • Bri Tengan (EE)
  • Staff SupportĀ 
    • Kory Kurokawa (EE)
    • Lewis Moore (ME)
  • Faculty
    • Dr. David Garmire (Director)
    • Dr. Aaron Ohta
  • Collaborating Faculty and Staff
    • Jeremy Chan (HSFL)
    • Brian Chee (SOEST)
    • Dr. Scott Miller (ME)
    • Dr. A Zac Trimble (ME)
    • Dr. Marcelo Kobayashi (ME)
    • Dr. David Ma (CE)
    • David Rockwood (Architecture)