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Tutoring Services Policy

Policies  and Procedures
Tutoring Services at Kaua`i Community College is committed to providing comprehensive programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the student population. It offers academic support to the faculty and staff so that students may be served more effectively. The primary goal is to facilitate student empowerment for academic success by structuring a learning environment that is conducive to successful learning, by providing a variety of learning opportunities, and by giving academic support to faculty, staff, and administrators.

Individual Responsibilities
Each computer user is expected to respect and value the rights of others. Files of personal information, including personally developed documents, should be treated as private. No one should look at, copy, alter, or destroy anyone else's personal files without explicit permission from the owner.

No user shall use the computers to intentionally annoy, harass, terrify, intimidate, threaten, offend, or bother another person or persons by transmitting obscene language, pictures or other materials, or by conveying physical or mental threats.

Game Playing
Due to high demand of computer use for academic purposes, the computers shall not be used for competitive or recreational game playing or social networking.

Access to Facilities and Information
Access to Kauai Community College computers requires a valid University of Hawaii user name and password.

Sharing Access
Computer accounts and passwords are assigned to individual users and they should not be loaned to another person. Users are responsible for remembering their own accounts and passwords.

Using Tutoring Services Computers

File Storage
Users should bring and use their own flash drive, or their personal accounts (usually the "H" drives) such as Laulima or Google Docs. Do not try to save on the "C" drive or desktop as your data will be lost.

Unauthorized Access
Computer users may not configure software or hardware to gain unauthorized access to the campus network and may not damage computer systems by using knowledge of loopholes in computer security systems or by using any computer program or device.