left: Xitou Experimental Forest of Taiwan National University, central Taiwan.
upper right: crater of Mount Aso, Kyushu, Japan.
lower right: EGU General Assembly 2013, Vienna, Austria.

Han Tseng (曾 涵)

International student from Taiwan. Finished master program in Forestry at National Taiwan University. Worked part time as research assistant for 2 years while figuring out what to do next. Started PhD program in Geography in 2013 fall, and suffered in the first semester due to little background in social science, and finally starting on dissertation research in 2015 on cloud forest ecohydrology.

Forest and Water, in general.

    Recently working on ecohydrology in tropical montane cloud forests, in particular. Secretly developing an interest in Southeast Asia, while looking back at Taiwan from time to time.
    Have more feelings for field-based studies than model simulations. Was fascinated by the concept of Granier-type sap flow measurement when first introduced by my master adviser Dr. Kume, and still feel deeply connected. Recently expending the horizon to canopy ecohydrological processes, and little bit climate and watershed hydrology on the side.
    Not a vegetarian but cares about the environment. Global environmental change such as climate change and land cover change. And other stuff like ecosystem restoration, biodiversty, and sustainability.