Capture It with Snagit


Use the Google Chrome extension for Snagit to capture a screenshot and create a short video screencast to use for your class.

  • Identify practical uses for using Snagit in education and for your classes/teaching/purposes.
  • Create a screen capture and annotate it.
  • Create a screencast video with your voice.


Snagit for Google Chrome is a free screen capture and screencast video recording extension added to your Google Chrome browser. Screen captures and screencast videos can help you show and tell, provide better feedback, and more to help explain your message. Students can use it for free, too, to make their own screen captures or screencast videos for projects.

To begin this lesson, use the links in the right-side menu:

  1. Before the workshop day, click on Snagit > 1.1 Pre-Lesson to share your current teaching experiences and challenges.
  2. Before the workshop day, click on Snagit > 1.2 At-Home to learn about Snagit and prepare for the workshop day.
  3. On the workshop day, we will do the activities listed on Snagit > 1.3 In-Class where you will be able to create your very own image and video screen captures to use in your class.