Assess Paperlessly with Google Forms and Flubaroo


Create an assessment with Google Forms and Flubaroo to use with your students.

  • Google Forms
    • Create a new Google Form
    • Choose appropriate settings
    • Create questions
    • Choose a new sheet as the destination for responses
    • Apply a theme
  • Flubaroo
    • Create an answer key
    • Assign it
    • Grade it
    • Review the grades


Assigning pages in a textbook, an article, or a video is not enough to get students to do the reading or watching, or learn/understand the materials. Partner your content materials with graded quizzes (must have correct and incorrect answers) to help students check their understanding and hold them accountable for doing their homework and coming to class prepared. Google Forms is an easy and quick tool to create assessments and surveys. With the Flubaroo add-on to your Google Form's response sheet, Flubaroo can grade submissions and email students their results, help tips for each question, and individual feedback. As an added bonus, Flubaroo can now automatically grade and email students their results upon submission. This makes Google Forms and Flubaroo a handy tool to use in class as a quick assessment or at home for students to check their understanding before coming to class.

To begin this lesson, use the links in the right-side menu:

  1. Before the workshop day, click on Google Forms and Flubaroo > 1.1 Pre-Lesson to experience the amazing things Google Forms and Flubaroo can do. 
  2. Before the workshop day, click on Google Forms and Flubaroo > 1.2 At-Home to learn about Google Forms and Flubaroo and prepare for the workshop day.
  3. On the workshop day, we will do the activities listed on Google Forms and Flubaroo > 1.3 In-Class where you will be able to create your very own Google Form (and use Flubaroo, if desired) for your class.