SAA-SC Officers

Julia Jennings, President  

Area of Emphasis:
Type of Archives most interested in: Museum-preferably art
Undergraduate degree: Art History
Hobbies: Reading, Photography, Digital Imaging, Crocheting, Watching movies, Cooking, DIY projects, ceramics 

Kelsey Hara, Vice President 

Area of Emphasis:
Type of Archives most interested in: Museum, Asian-related, almost anything 
Undergraduate degree: European History 
Hobbies: Reading, baking/cooking, listening to Kpop, watching K-Dramas, learning Korean/Japanese/Chinese languages 
Other information: Although I got my degree in European history, in the past several years I have become very interested in Asia and it's history, particularly Korea 

Ellie Seaton, Treasurer/Secretary

Area of Emphasis: Digital Libraries and Archives
Type of Archives most interested in: EVERYTHING
Undergraduate and other degrees/ certificates: Art History
Hobbies: reading (especially creative non-fiction), podcasting, embroidery, travel, youtube karaoke

Andrea M. Wade, Public Relations

Area of Emphasis: Library and Info Science/Digital Archives and UX Design 
Type of Archives most interested in: Digitization and preservation of photographs and film 
Undergraduate and other degrees/ certificates: English literature, Film studies, Asian studies, Chinese language-Mandarin 
Hobbies: Photography, videography, digital imaging, video editing, front-end web design, game creation, creative writing (novels and screenplays), drawing/painting, singing, latin dancing 

Andrew Wertheimer, Faculty Advisor

Andrew Wertheimer joined the LIS Program faculty in 2003 after finishing a PhD in LIS with a Minor from the Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America at the University of Wisconsin. He worked at a number of archival repositories and libraries over the years, including the Chicago Jewish Archives. He teaches courses in archival studies, collection management, and is the LIS Program Chair. He served on the Association of Hawaii Archivists' board member for many years. Beyond work, he enjoys photography, poetry, pottery, progressive politics, and pasta.