About Us

The Society of American Archivists University of Hawai'i Student Chapter was established in 2007. The purpose of forming this student chapter was to encourage discussion and awareness of archival issues and the archival profession in Hawaii, across the United States and around the world. Today, we are fulfilling our purpose by providing our members with opportunities to explore local archives through tours and service projects, attend archival conferences and network with local archivists to promote a stronger archivist community within the islands of Hawai'i. This student chapter is open to anyone in the LIS program regardless of chosen track or emphasis. 

Our Vision
SAA-SC will provide students with a strong understanding of the world of archives through community service, professional development and contact building.

I. Mission Statement
    - Serve as a means of introducing new archivists into the profession;
    - Enhance the educational function by providing an additional focus for the 
       students to discuss archival issues, identify with the profession, and engage 
       in professional activities;                          
    - Promote communication among student members;
    - Develop the leaders of tomorrow's archival profession; and 
    - Attract new members into the Society of American Archivists.

II. Areas of Activity
    - Inviting guest archival educators and others with relevant knowledge, expertise, 
       and experience from both inside and outside the institution to discuss t    h     
       theoretical perspectives, practical experiences, or research initiatives;
    - Organizing visits to area repositories;
    - Eliciting reports from fellow students who have attended regional and 
       national archival conferences or research initiatives; 
    - Encouraging professional activities among members;
    - Developing and encouraging interaction with other student groups, such as the 
       student chapters of the American Library Association and the American Society 
       for Information Science, to promote mutual interests of allied professions;
    - Acquainting members with the objectives, policies, programs, ethics, and 
       publications of the Society of American Archivists; and 
    - Promoting archival interests within their universities and academic departments, 
       for example by planning colloquia or serving on curriculum committees.

III. Additional Information