Tuesday 5/14

  1. Ground rules (from Greg Walker)
  2. Google Drive
  3. Google Drive Apps - Docs
    • Fun uses of Google Docs: A Love Letter (old Google Docs 2009) and Best Man Speech (Google Docs for Android)
    • Essentials Activity: Learn and do together on a shared Docs file - Google Documents Essentials.
    • Collaborative Activity: Online collaborative story writing (without talking to each other - use communication tools: text chat and commenting, in Google Docs)
      1. Create a new Google Doc and share it with each other as editors. Begin a story by writing a few sentences.
      2. Open each other's documents and collaborate on their stories by writing a couple of sentences, adding pictures, etc.
      3. After everyone has contributed, the owner of the document adds comments and/or chats to the collaborators on what was written. Use revision history if necessary to find out who edited what or to roll-back revisions.
      4. Everyone goes back in to edit, resolve comments, and finally the owner finalizes his/her story, including adding a title.
      5. Group comes together and shares. Read your finished story aloud.
    • Individual work time: Create documents, share, collaborate, organize documents in Drive, practice skills, try out different things, etc. Paperless classroom with Google Docs ideas:
  4. Google Drive Extension - Now that you have files in your Drive and a purpose for using it, learn some advanced techniques for using Drive and make any necessary changes to your Drive.
  5. Google Drive Apps - Slides
    • Essentials Activity: Learn and do together on a shared Slides file.
    • Collaborative Activity: As a team, decide on a topic and collaborate on a shared presentation. (Only one person needs to create the new presentation for everyone to work on.) Everyone must contribute and add to building/creating the presentation. Present as a group to the facilitator.
    • Individual work time: Create presentations, upload existing presentations and/or convert to Slides format, share, collaborate, organize presentations in Drive, practice skills, try out different things, etc. Ideas: Convert your PPT into Slides so you can link to and/or embed on a website, have students create and collaborate on a Slides presentation as a team project/presentation, design a template, etc.
  6. Google Drive Apps - Sheets
    • Fun use of Google Sheets: Sharing house expenses
    • Essentials Activity: Learn and do together on a shared Sheets file.
    • Individual work time: Create spreadsheets, upload existing spreadsheets and/or convert to Sheets format, share, collaborate, organize spreadsheets in Drive, practice skills, try out different things, etc.
  7. Google Drive Apps - Forms
    • Educational uses
      • BUS 101 Team Survey (for putting students in teams)
      • ICS 100 Peer Eval Survey (for evaluating teamwork contributions of individual team members). This is for a problem-based learning course. Once collected, the instructor (who plays the role of a manager) uses the students' responses to write an "Employee Performance Review" letter to each student about his/her performance on the team.
    • Essentials Activity: Learn and do together by creating a new form - Google Forms Essentials
    • Individual work time: Create a new form from scratch or create a new form from an existing paper form you have, apply a theme, organize in Drive, practice skills, try out different things, etc, try it out, make changes as needed, and send the form to the others to test out for you.
  8. Group sharing - Share what you did in your Google Drive and Drive Apps (Docs, Presentations, Sheets, Forms) and how this will help you in teaching (be more efficient, timely, organized, etc.) and help your students learn/do? Provide feedback to each other.
  9. Self-Reflection (in Google Doc) - Summarize what you did and learned today. How do you think you can use this for yourself or your students? What are some ideas you have to integrate this in your class, to create an activity or project, or to help with something that you do already? Add ideas and add/refine your plans in your Notes Google Doc.