Thursday 5/16

  1. Ground rules (from Greg Walker)
  2. Complete your daily reflections in your Notes Google Doc, if needed. Also in your doc, finish finalizing your ideas and plans by filling out the "My Plan(s)" section.
  3. Use your reflections, notes, ideas, and plans you have compiled in your Notes Google Doc, to finish creating (or starting as much as you can) your:
    • course materials (e.g. upload files to Drive, put dates in Calendar, create weekly modules site)
    • new or updated activities/projects/assessments (e.g. transform paper activities/assessments into paperless ones using Google Docs, use Drive for students to create their papers in using Google Docs and have students comment on each other's docs, create collaborative team projects using Google Docs)
    • plans for enhancing/changing the way you will do things in your classes (e.g. make course materials available online only, transform PPT presentations into Google Slides and link to or embed in Google Sites or make available in Laulima, use labels to organize your email, create a group for each class section of students to make it easier to add them to emails and share docs)
  4. Refer to the workshop's agendas from previous days and the Google Apps Resources page if you need a refresher or more help using Google apps.
  5. How did you meet the objectives and final outcome of the workshop? Share/Present what you created, your plans for using Google apps, and your final thoughts/reflection.
    • Objectives:
      1. Create a system for organizing your email and use Gmail to find what you need.
      2. Create and share using Google Calendar.
      3. Create, share, and collaborate using Google Docs.
      4. Create a Google Form.
      5. Store and share using Google Drive.
      6. Create a website using Google Sites.
    • Outcome: Go paperless by using various Google apps to transform what you and your students do and create new ways of doing things to support and enhance communication, collaboration, your teaching, and students' learning.
  6. Extra Google stuff
  7. Complete the PRLS evaluation survey.