Monday 5/13

  1. Introductions
  2. Ground rules (from Greg Walker)
  3. Workshop outcome and objectives
    • Outcome: Go paperless by using various Google apps to transform what you and your students do and create new ways of doing things to support and enhance communication, collaboration, your teaching, and students’ learning.
    • Objectives:
      1. Create a system for organizing your email and use Gmail to find what you need.
      2. Create and share using Google Calendar.
      3. Create, share, and collaborate using Google Docs.
      4. Create a Google Form.
      5. Store and share using Google Drive.
      6. Create a website using Google Sites.
  4. Ice Breaker Activity
    1. Each person chooses one question to interview others:
      • What are your expectations for this workshop? How do you plan to use the skills and knowledge you gain from this workshop?
      • What experience do you have using Google apps? It can be both personal and professional.
      • What questions do you have about this workshop (i.e. objectives, topics, workshop format, etc.)?
    2. Talk to each person about your question and take notes in the "Ice Breaker" Google Doc.
      1. Group discussion: Present your findings and discuss.
    3. Discussion (Needs Assessment): Why do you want to go paperless? What challenges do you face in class? What things take a lot of time for you or your students? What things do you wonder - there must be a better or faster way to do this? On the flip-side, can we survive on a life without paper??
    4. Introduction to Google@UH Apps
    5. Uses of Google Apps in Education
      • Activity: What are your initial thoughts, ideas, and plans to use Google apps? Type them up in your Notes Google Doc. (Don't worry, this is not final; you will refine and revise your plans each day.) Then, share and discuss your initial ideas with the group.
    6. Lunch
    7. Getting Started with Google@UH Apps
    8. Gmail
    9. Google Contacts 
      • Activity: Learn and do together - Gmail Essentials (step #4). Also, create a group for our workshop attendees.
      • Individual work time: Setup up Contacts, organize, practice skills, try out different things, etc. You may also be interested in how to import your student roster of email addresses into your Gmail Contacts as a group. Watch this video to learn how:
    10. Google Chat
      • Activity: Learn and do together - Gmail Essentials (step #8). Setup up Chat - configure settings, install plug-in, organize list, etc.
      • Activity: Google Chat with each other. Try out different things like video chat, group chat, reply by chat to email message, etc.
    11. Break
    12. Google Calendar

    13. Group sharing - Share what you did in your Gmail, Contacts, Chat, and Calendar and how this will help you (be more efficient, timely, organized, etc.)? Provide feedback to each other.
    14. Self-Reflection (in Google Doc) - Summarize what you did and learned today. How do you think you can use this for yourself or your students? What are some ideas you have to integrate this in your class, to create an activity or project, or to help with something that you do already? Add ideas and add/refine your plans in your "My reflections, ideas, and plans" Google Doc.