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Instructor: Sharon Milan    Kauai
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Text  Verderber, Kathleen S., Rudolph F. Verderber, and Deanna D. Sellnow. Communicate! 13th ed. Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2010.  University of Hawaii Bookstores

Distance Education Website  http://www.hawaii.edu/dl/

Welcome to speech 151 online. This page contains essential information that you will need before you proceed with the course.

Most of the time you will work independently completing your  work whenever your own schedule permits. It is important to submit each assignment before its' due date. Late work is penalized. Some of the class meetings will be synchronous.  You will meet in an online conference room at scheduled times.  Here are the required online conference meeting  times: 

Orientation meeting - Choose one time slot

(You do not need to sign up for a time to attend. Just show up. If you are having trouble accessing Google+ Hangout call me 15 minutes prior to the start of the Google+ Hangout at 808-346-9569)

Saturday  9/6 12-1 pm. or Tuesday  9/9 2-3pm.

Anyone who attends orientation can turn in project 1 on Friday 9/12 without penalty

Group Panel Presentation (Project 2) Required for all students

Each group will choose one of the following times to attend. You will want to make sure all members of your group can attend at required time.  Each group should have 6 members.

Group Panel Google + Hangout meeting times- Your group will meet during one of these time slots.  Click here to choose your time.

Group 1 Saturday 9/27  12-2pm Group 2  Saturday 9/27    2-4pm.

Group 3 Tuesday 9/30 1-3 pm Group 4 Tuesday 9/30  3-5 pm.

Informative Speech (Project 3) Required for all students 

Informative Speech presentation times- You will deliver your informative speech during one of these time slots.

Click here to choose your time.  There are six speaking times for each meeting time. You will sign up for one of them.  When a time slot fills up you will be required to take the empty slots.  

Thursday 10/23  1-3 pm     Thursday 10/23  3-5  pm.

Saturday 10/25 12-2  pm         Saturday 10/25 2-4 pm.

Sign up for all meeting time slots now or in lesson 2.

If you can not attend one of the group presentation dates and one of the informative speech dates you should drop this class and take it in the classroom setting or at a later date.

This class is entirely online; requiring use of  a computer with high speed internet and some basic digital recording. We will use software including, Laulima, MyUH, youtube and Google+. You will need to open a  Google and a youtube account. Links explaining how to use software will be provided.  In addition to independent online, submissions, this class uses an online conference room where students log in to present their speeches. 

Students must have a web camera on their computer. The oral projects require use of  a digital camera (many cell phones and computers have digital cameras) which can be used to record speeches and projects.These projects can be edited and posted in your YouTube account and shared with other members of this class. All work for this class can be posted on your Google+ stream where your instructor can see it and provide you with feedback.   Two of the  projects may require that you find volunteers to assist you by helping you demonstrate communication skills or acting as an audience.

If you do not have the equipment or the ability to acquire the necessary skills to participate in the manor described you should drop this class and take it in the classroom setting. You are not expected to know how to use the software described, but you must be comfortable with the use of technology. You must be confident that you can acquire the skills described.  If you take this class it is assumed that you have the  equipment described and the ability to copy and paste, open and close windows, download software, upload files, operate a digital camera and use social media skills. If you have not operated a computer or feel awkward in online environments, this is not the class for you.

All of the technology is explained in the lessons. If you feel like you are not understanding it you should attend one of the orientation meetings.  Attendance at the orientation meeting is not required for students who  have posted their photo and video, chosen and met via Google Hangout with their support buddy,  This session is scheduled to help students with any technical concerns with the class.

If you can not attend this orientation, please make sure you understand all of the technology before submitting your first assignment

Welcome letter.

Welcome to Online speech 151.   

In order to check into your class you will need to follow the directions below.

For your first task you will need to open a gmail account and send an email to me from this account. In the email please introduce yourself to me.  Send the email from the gmail account. It should not be more than 100 words long.   
Send your introductory email  from your gmail account to Sharonmilan@gmail.com

It is important that you do this right away so that I can set up the necessary pages and permissions for you to participate in this class.

Video on how to create a gmail account  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwLpR3ZhM4w

It is important that you create this account as we will be using Google for all of our communication this semester and the tools we are using do not work in your UH Google account so you will be creating a personal Google account for this course.

Once you have created your Google account you will receive an invitation from me inviting you to join Google+.  Please accept my invitation and begin creating a Google+ profile page.

I am looking forward to working with you this semester.

Sharon Milan

If you have any difficulty with this project please contact me at 808-346-9569

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