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Laptop Installation Checklist

Do the following in order:
  • Install Skype (create Skype name if student doesn't already have one)
    • Windows 8 ONLY will need to create a Microsoft account 
  • Firefox, check for most recent version (Firefox > About -or- Help>About Firefox)
    • Run update if needed
LibreOffice (install in order of the following)
  • Install LibreOffice - LO (if not installed) 
  • Install inside of FF (not from Drive)
    1. After installing LO, it's FF plugin, and LO word processor plugin - go to amazon.com inside of FF
    2. Search for a book (i.e., "Special Education") > Click on the book
    3. When the book icon appears in the address bar (far right), click on it to import into Zotero
    4. Open LO (Text Document) > click on Zotero toolbar (first icon) to "insert citation"
    5. Change to American Psychological Association under "Citation Style"
    6. If Z search bar pops up, click on arrow pointing down & change to "Classic View"
    7. Select book you just imported from amazon.com (should show "author last name, year")
  • Ask student if they already signed up for these accounts, if not have them create an account for each:
  1. Personal Gmail.com account (for YouTube)
  2. Personal Weebly account
  3. UH username (@hawaii.edu)

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