All students at the University of Hawaii will be given an email account that can be accessed using Google's Gmail Web Client.  Students using the Gmail Web Client will also have access to Google Calendar, Google Docs, and other Google Apps that are linked directly to their UH Email account.

Google@UH Login Page

See links below for information about setting up your Google@UH account and integrating it with personal email accounts.

Introduction to Gmail

About Google Calendar

About Google@UH Docs (or see the Google Docs Info Page on this site)

Already have an Email address?  See below for information about migrating to Google@UH

Google@UH Migration Signup

Google@UH Migration FAQ

Current students may schedule migration of their UH accounts to Google@UH beginning February 1, 2011. New students will now be provisioned with Google@UH. No change is being made to faculty and staff provisioning at this time pending ongoing consultation. However there is no barrier to individual faculty or staff who choose to migrate to Google@UH, just as there are no barriers to current users forwarding their email to any internal or external email service of their choice. Please click the general info link below if you have not done your migration.