Textbook Cost: $0

Textbook Cost: $0" classes are classes with zero out of pocket costs for textbooks, supplemental course materials, access codes, etc. Textbook Cost: $0 classes may incorporate Open Educational Resources (OERs), online resources, library resources, faculty-authored materials, or any combination of no-cost resources. Therefore, it is required to have Internet access to use these course materials.The Textbook Cost: $0 designation is applied by an instructor to a class using campus-specific guidelines. The designation appears on the class availability website at the beginning of the Comment text field for a class.

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Fall 15 Spr 16 Fall 16 Spr 17 Fall 17 Spr 18
"Textbook Cost: $0" CRN (sections) (% of all CRNs) 55 148 217 (19%) 279 (23%) 289 (27%) 276 (27%)
Students enrolled in "Textbook Cost: $0" classes -- 2643 4194 5121 5371 5154
"Textbook Cost: $0" different subjects 12 63 69 111 91 121
"Textbook Cost: $0" instructors 16 49 71 91 92 104

The following lists the Leeward CC CRNs that are "Textbook Cost: $0". There are no costs for course materials for these courses, but the courses may not necessarily use all Open Educational Resources. 
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For the most updated information, please see the Leeward CC Class Listing and search for "Textbook Cost: $0".

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