The Process

The first thing to ask yourself is if you are ready to consider Open Educational Resources (OER). You might want to answer these questions: 
  • Do you want to improve student success?
  • Do you want to reduce/eliminate course material costs for students?
  • Do you have the required computer and Internet skills? 
If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to start exploring the materials that are available in your subject. 

Explore Course Materials

Start by looking through the Resource Guide for materials in your subject area. Ask a Librarian for help finding materials. 

Consider scheduling an initial meeting so we can help you to get started.

Review an Open Educational Resource using the OER Review Criteria

Modify Open Textbook

If you teach a highly enrolled core class, you may be fortunate to find an open textbook. If that is the case, you can adopt the open textbook as it is or you may adapt it as you see fit (dependent on the licensing). Ask an Educational Technologist for help if you would like to modify the open textbook.


Most of you will not find an open textbook that you can readily adopt so you will need to curate OER from a variety of different sources, remix them, and possibly making some of your own materials to fill in the gaps. You will then attach a Creative Commons (CC) license to your work.  

An example of the mashup process is Susan Wood's open online ENG 100 course [New Window].  A Leeward OER Faculty Leader, Susan used a combination of existing OER and her own authored content to create her course using a Google Sites template.

Ask an Educational Technologist for help structuring your course. We will help you to organize your course with the Weekly Modules Google Sites, and embed it into your Laulima course.

Look for No-Cost Resources

If there are no suitable OER in your subject, you can look for no-cost resources. No-cost resources are non-CC licensed materials found on the open web and through the Library's subscription e-resources.  Ask a Librarian for help looking for resources. 

Textbook Cost: $0

Once your course has zero out-of-pocket costs for textbooks, supplemental course materials, access codes, etc., the course can be designated Textbook Cost: $0. (Contact your Division Secretary to add this designation.)

The Textbook Cost: $0 designation appears on the class availability website at the beginning of the Comment text field for the class.

Designate your course Textbook Cost: $0 in course listing

Open Access Course

The ultimate goal of this process is to design your course with all Creative Commons licensed materials using the online Weekly Modules format that may be embedded into Laulima and share your course in the University of Hawaii OER RepositoryAsk an Educational Technologist for help designing course activities, structuring the course, or with the technology you will be using in the course.

Share your course in the UH OER Repository.

" OpenEdition" by openaccess is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0