OER Campus Committee


The Leeward CC Open Educational Resources (OER) Committee will promote awareness, develop recommendations, guidelines, and standards for the integration and sustainability of OER across the curriculum. The committee will work toward meeting the OER Project Initiative commitment of “increas[ing] academic success by reducing the cost of educational materials for students.” We will aim to adopt, adapt and build open educational resources thus contributing to the global Open Education movement.


Since 1998 textbooks costs have increased 150% making college education increasingly unaffordable.  Students respond to expensive textbooks by dropping classes, taking fewer classes, or doing without textbooks for some or all of the semester so they can attend college.  Fifty-five percent of respondents to a May 2015 Leeward CC survey on textbook costs did not purchase a required textbook at some time during their college career.  Fifty-eight percent responded that the cost of of required textbook influences their decision to take a class.  The survey demonstrates that rising textbook costs have an impact on time to completion and overall student success.

Relationship to Objectives of College Strategic Plan

Leeward CC Strategic Plan 2015-2021

Hawai’i Graduation Initiative

“Institutionalize Open Educational Resources (OER) as campus wide initiative to reduce or eliminate cost of textbooks for students.”

This ad hoc committee was formally charged by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs on January 25, 2016.


  1. Build OER awareness and promote its integration into the curriculum at Leeward CC.

  2. Develop guidelines and standards relating to the adoption of OER across the curriculum.

  3. Make recommendations to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs and relevant College constituencies representing faculty, students, and staff.

  4. Identify professional development needs required for effective and sustained implementation of OER-based curricula.

  5. Promote OER awareness at Leeward CC and develop collaborative relationships within the UH System.

AY 2018-2019 Theme: Building Bridges