Go Open, Go Free Using OER (Summer 2017)

  May 15 - 19, 2017

In this track, participants will find and incorporate no-cost, low-cost, and creative commons resources as replacements to costly commercial course materials. By adapting and building these resources, designing a complete course project and sharing it in an online repository, participants will be active contributors to the worldwide open educational resources community.


  1. Articulate why OER is important
  2. Define open educational resources
  3. Identify resources that are openly licensed, public domain, or all rights reserved copyrighted
  4. Identify criteria for a good resource
  5. Find Open Educational Resources
  6. Evaluate OER resources using established criteria
  7. Distinguish different types of Creative Commons licenses
  8. Combine different types of Creative Commons licenses
  9. Add Creative Commons license to your work
  10. Properly Attribute OER resources

Workshop Format

We will meet Monday through Friday with each day focusing on specific objectives around Open Educational Resources. The format encourages participants to actively participate in discussion and activities as we go through the process of finding, adopting, and using OER materials.

Links to Workshop Days

Monday AM - Why OER?
Monday PM - What is OER?
Tuesday - Finding OER
Thursday AM - Combining OERs
Thursday PM - Reflecting

    What does this mean to you?

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