Professional Learning

Leeward CC has developed and conducted professional learning using two different instructional modalities. The workshops have have been designed to equip instructors with foundational knowledge, tools, skills, and resources to incorporate no-cost and low-cost resources into their courses.

The workshops were offered as a week-long, In-Person  or a 7-week "Flipped" Classroom .  

The In-Person version of this workshop was used during a week-long workshop where participants met from Monday - Friday from 9 am - 3 pm. The workshop incorporated mini-lectures, hands-on activities, group discussions, guest speakers, and individual time to work on their own course. Participants did not have homework as all activities were done in class. The Flipped Classroom version of this workshop was used during a seven-week workshop series where participants did at-home reading and activities during the week and met once a week for 1.5 hours to participate in activities and discussions designed to reinforce the learning objectives.

Both versions of the openly shared with the hopes that other educational institutions will provide training and support for instructors seeking to adopt OER course materials. The training and materials are licensed as CC-BY unless otherwise noted.

Objectives include:

  1. Articulate why OER is important
  2. Define open educational resources
  3. Identify resources that are openly licensed, public domain, or all rights reserved copyrighted
  4. Identify criteria for a good resource
  5. Find Open Educational Resources
  6. Evaluate OER resources using established criteria
  7. Share you work in the UH OER repository
  8. Distinguish different types of Creative Commons licenses
  9. Combine different types of Creative Commons licenses
  10. Add Creative Commons license to your work
  11. Properly Attribute OER resources