Job Training Center

iCareer Skills Course

Need to build your basic skills in reading, writing and math and to find a job or enter an education or training program?  This course will help you build the skills you need. The course is a combination of instructor-led activities and computer-based learning.  The course leads to achievement of the National Career Readiness Certificate, a nationally recognized certificate of the basic skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Study will include:

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Grammar, Vocabulary Development

  • Reading for Information

  • Writing for the Workplace

  • Career Exploration

Eligibility Requirements: Must be 18 years or older, Must attend all classes


May 19 - Aug 14




OCET 104a


iCAN iCOMPASS is a program designed for students seeking higher COMPASS placement scores required for college level Math and English courses. Preparing for the COMPASS assessment is important as it impacts how long it will take you to earn your degree. This instructor-led, computer-assisted program is self-paced and adapts to your prior skills and knowledge: 120 hours depending on your individual needs and placement. Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18yrs

  • Must have applied to KCC and taken the COMPASS within the last year

  • Must agree to attend & participate in the Orientation session (enrollment date)

  • Must attend 5 lab sessions and 1 workshop (includes Orientation)

  • Must agree to re-take the COMPASS by Aug 15th

Must complete program registration form. Call 245-8318 for more information or


May 12 - August 14

Math Brush-Up: Tuesday & Thursdays, 5:30-8:30pm; LRC 124A

English Brush-Up: Wednesdays, 1-5pm; OCET 104 (PC Lab)


Basic Office Skills  (WIA)

A great opportunity for the unprepared and under-prepared student to obtain the entry-level skills necessary for a position as a clerical associate in an office setting. Courses include basic office skills, basic office machines, computer office skills, basic business writing, 10-key & keyboarding.  Work Readiness will focus on work ethic, communication, relationships, diversity, safety, and resume building.

Instructor:Vera Blalock has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management, a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Hawaii.  Vera is a lecturer at the Kauai Community College since 2009, teaching Customer Service, Front Office Management, Food and Beverage Management, Interpersonal Skills, Principle of Business, Introduction to Hospitality courses.  Vera Blalock has over 15 years of employment in the Hospitality Industry and 20 years of Management experience.  Vera specializes in providing customize training programs, and attaining business solutions for strategic alignment.  Vera is born and raised in Hawaii, and has lived in Kauai since 1995.

 [6 weeks/57 hours]




OCET 104