University of Hawaii Protein Structure Lab

Students and postdocs in the Ho Leung Ng lab

Our lab studies the atomic structure of proteins using experimental and computational approaches. Our primary experimental tool is X-ray crystallography. We apply our knowledge of structure to help design drugs, deepen understanding of protein structure and function, and address fundamental questions of protein engineering, stability, and solubility. Our lab also develops new techniques for the analysis of X-ray crystallographic data.


November 2014
Congratulations to Kellie, Adam, Dong Kuk, and Michelle for receiving UROP awards for Spring 2015!

June 2014
Jinny and Ho presented research at the Northwest Crystallography Workshop at Oregon State University.

Ho received an NSF CAREER Award to support research on locating hydrogen atoms from crystallographic data, and continued teaching and outreach efforts.

May 2014
Congratulations to Clement, Jared, and Dane who graduated with their bachelors degrees! Dane will be starting at the UH School of Medicine in July!

April 2014
Congratulations to Jinny, Kellie, and Adam for receiving UROP awards for the fall!

March 2014
Congratulations to Nilou for publishing the first paper from our lab! Her crystal structure of a new highly red-shifted fluorescent protein was published in a paper titled, "Non-invasive intravital imaging of cellular differentiation with a bright red-excitable fluorescent protein", in Nature Methods. This was a collaboration with Michael Lin's lab at Stanford.

November 2013
Congratulations to Dane for receiving the Best Oral Research Presentation award in Natural Sciences at the UROP Fall Forum!

Congratulations to Jinny, Clement, Rance, and Kellie for receiving UROP undergraduate research awards!

July 2013
Nilou was chosen to give a talk at the American Crystallographic Association annual meeting on identifying membrane proteins for crystallization. Ho gave talks on locating hydrogen atoms from X-ray crystallography maps and the role of crystallography in undergraduate research and education.

May 2013
Double congratulations to Samson for graduating with a bachelors degree and being accepted to the UHM Chemistry PhD program!

Congratulations to Kiyo for receiving the Giichi Fujimoto Award given to the top junior Chemistry major at UH Manoa!

April 2013
Congratulations to Adam, Jared, and Dane for receiving research funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program!

Ho received funding from the Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation to support further research on the G-protein coupled estrogen receptor, a potential drug target for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

March 2013
Congratulations to Nilou for being selected to speak about our work on identifying membrane proteins for crystallization at the West Coast Protein Crystallography Workshop!

crystal structure of a protein kinase dimer