Manono and Palamanui Campuses, and a map of Hawaii Island with the campus locations marked.

Welcome to Hawai‘i Community College!

Just started you career here at Hawai‘i CC? Welcome to our kauhale.

As you are getting settled in, you will be contacted by an orientation guide who will meet with you to help you get started with the orientation process. Begin by meeting with your orientation guide, and then completing your online training by going through each of the links below.

New Employee Essentials

We’re really glad you’re here! Whether you are new to the University of Hawai‘i system or just new to Hawai‘i CC, our goal is for you to get off to a good start by taking care of these new employee essentials.

Use the New Employee Checklist as a guide as you go through the sections below. Be sure to explore each section for complete information, and check off the items as you go through them. Your supervisor, orientation guide, and/or the Human Resources staff can also help you with specific items, so don’t hesitate to ask questions….lots of them! 

Getting Started and General Employee Info

About Hawaii CC

People Places and Things

Getting Connected

Next Steps