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Team Members

The Project Director, Joan Hori, and Coordinator, Martha Chantiny, will have oversight of the project. Both have been leaders on several digitization projects. They will liaise with the funding agencies, hire and supervise staff and library interns and work with contractors. They will attend NDNP meetings in Washington.

The Coordinator, Ms. Chantiny, will develop procedural guidelines for the project and is responsible for the administration of digital materials; will work with vendors to ensure content integrity. In consultation with the Preservation Librarian, she will assess the condition of the microfilm materials and note areas of concern such as missing issues. She will confer with members of the Library’s Catalog Department on bibliographic issues. She will advise the temporary hire Specialist on technical issues related to the creation, storage, and retrieval of digital items.

The Project Manager, Erenst Anip, is responsible for close monitoring of production. Will be responsible for overseeing the project’s daily production and review of metadata for accuracy. Will liaise with the microfilm storage and reproduction vendor(s), supervise second generation microfilm quality control, and manage shipments of microfilm to the digitization/text-conversion vendor. Will perform quality control on the digital images and the metadata returned from the vendor. Will review images and associated metadata returned from the vendor to ensure product meets project specifications. Will prepare, monitor, and document project schedules. Will document the process flow of materials. In collaboration with Project Director and Coordinator, will prepare project reports. Will establish a web site that will document policies and procedures and publish documentation on website.

The Graduate Research Assistant, Monica LaBriola (2009-2010), was responsible for conducting research on the selected newspaper titles. She used specific newspaper histories, where they exist or general Hawaii newspaper histories such as the Guide to Newspapers of Hawai‘i 1839-2000. She was also involved in successfully writing a proposal for the next NDNP funding cycle. The new Assistant, Alice Kim (2011- ), has continued from where Monica left off. Alice has created several new topic guides, updated instructional materials and completed new title essays and historical feature articles.

Beth Tillinghast, as part of her regular duties as Web Support Librarian, will coordinate creation of web sites to document the project and make the digital files available. She will work with project staff to explore, and if feasible, implement value-added web-based access to the project material in addition to the basic Library of Congress system.

The Advisory Board will confer to help finalize the titles for the project and prepare the historical essays. Members include Professor Helen Chapin, historian and author of major studies of Hawai‘i newspapers; Barbara Dunn, Director of the Hawaiian Historical Society; Patrick McNally, head of the Hawai‘i Pacific Division of the Hawai‘i State Library, and Carol Silva, head of the Records Management Division of the Hawai‘i State Archives. These members bring extensive knowledge about Hawai‘i newspapers and experience in 20 reference service requiring access to newspapers. Alice Tran (2008-10), a former member of the Desktop Network Services Department at the University of Hawai'i Library, also served on the board for phase 1.