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Mosquitoes in Hawaii


1826: The first mosquitoes, southern house mosquitoes, were introduced to Hawaii. A foreign ship in Lahaina Harbor likely brought them in, and the mosquitoes quickly bred in Hawaii's tropical, humid climate. Four more mosquito species would be introduced to Hawaii in the next 150 years.

After 1826: Likely imported by non-native birds, avian pox arrived. The mosquitoes transmitted it to the native bird population. The native birds did not encounter mosquito-borne diseases during their evolution and, thus, did not have immunity. The disease accelerated the sharp decline in the lowland native bird population.

1900s: Avian malaria (Plasmodium relictum), the second mosquito-borne, avian disease imported by non-native birds, arrived. The mosquitoes quickly spread this disease, which further decimated the lowland native bird population. Thus, several native bird species went extinct. Now the remaining bird population live solely in higher elevation, because the colder temperatures discourage mosquitoes.

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