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Interim Project Report July-December 2010

NEH Award Number: PJ-50035-08
NDNP State:                 Hawaii
Submitted By:                Martha Chantiny
Report Date:                  February 22, 2011


  1. Describe any changes that you have made or that you anticipate making in the project work plan or methodology from the award proposal submitted to the competition.
Project Operations manager resumed employment at 30 hours per week on August 2010. The graduate student who researched and prepared title essays, and created and presented instructional materials during the first phase resigned in summer 2010 in order to concentrate on completing her dissertation. A new graduate student researcher, Alice Kim, was hired in January 2011.

In March 2010 we requested and were granted an extension of the grant period to December 31, 2010 to use grant funds to attend the Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives, and Museums PIALA conference in November in Micronesia (see pages 4-6 below). >Martha Chantiny (co-PI) and Dore Minatodani (Hawaiian Collection reference librarian) attended the conference and made 2 presentations (see #8 below).

We had enough grant funds to be able to send our Project Operations Manager (Erenst Anip) to the August 2010 NDNP Awardees meeting. It was very useful for him to meet and network with others working on the newspaper program and to attend the iArchives-sponsored user group for clients.  Also attending the meeting were Martha Chantiny and Joan Hori, co-PIs.
  1. Please describe any selection or film acquisition/evaluation activities during the performance period.

Batches King and Lion (Evening Bulletin and Daily Bulletin) were reworked and submitted to Library of Congress. The Hilo Tribune (the second to last title) was processed for the 2008-2010 project period. Five groups of files from Batch Moon:

Hilo_Tribune   HT02-1902     sn82016339    490
Hilo_Tribune   HT03-1903     sn82016339    362
Hilo_Tribune   HT03-1904     sn82016339    433
Hilo_Tribune   HT03-1905     sn82016339    256
Hilo_Tribune   HT01-995-A   sn82016339    169
                                                          Total    1710

Five batches of the final title for Phase 1 (Hawaii Holomua Progress) are underway.

  1. Describe any specific award activities that have taken place between collaborating institutions in your state.


  1. Describe specifically your progress in conversion and/or vendor selection (attach documentation as desired).

Adjustments to, and finalization of the budget documents for Phase 2 began in July 2010 and on September 30, 2010 the University of Hawaii Office of Research Services forwarded a copy of the executed award document to the library fiscal office. The process of vendor selection was prolonged because of questions about the best process and communication between the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) which holds the accounts, and the library fiscal office.  In October a Form 65 Sole Source request was submitted, but it was turned down. In November 2010 an online “superquote” with a December 1 deadline was posted via the commercepoint.com site used by the State of Hawaii. Responses were reviewed and rated. A request to award memo was submitted 1/14/11 (see page 7-8 below); the award was made and accepted on 1/24/11. The Attachment 1, Determination of Cost or Price Reasonableness” form and documentation are awaiting submission to RCUH Procurement as of 2/14/11 for their review and issuance of a purchase order. Once a purchase order has been generated we can begin working with the vendor to process batches for Phase 2. 

On 1/27/11 the library fiscal office informed us that account #658902 (Phase 1 fund number) has been extended to 06/30/2012 in the RCUH system. The balance of the extended Phase 1, and the Phase 2 accounts were reported as follows:

Acct No.                   Balance Available                 Award End Date          IDC Rate
658902                       $40,636.96                          06/30/2012             0.2690
661388                     $270,000.00                          06/30/2012              0.250 
According to the fiscal office, the Office of Research Services (ORS) cannot transfer the available balance fund from the account #658902 to the current account #661388 due to the difference in calculation for indirect costs. 

Planning for an Advisory Board meeting began, with the meeting finally held December 6 (due to members other commitments there was no earlier possible time). The agenda covered:

1. Review of 2008-2010 grant accomplishments and demonstration of Chronicling America site 
--outreach activities
2. Overview of 2010-2012 plans
3. Report on PIALA 2010
4. Overview of our digitizing procedures

Possible titles for Phase 2 were discussed, with particular concern for expanding coverage to other major islands in Hawaii (page counts and issues included in table on page 9 below):

Hawaiian Gazette 1914-1918
Hawaiian Star 1893-1912
Honolulu Star Bulletin 1912-1922
Maui News 1900-1922
Garden Island 1911-1922
Polynesian 1840-
Cablenews-American (Philippines) 1902-1920
Guam News
O Le F'atonu o le kolone o unaite settee (American Samoa)

  1. Do you have any questions or comments regarding the use of the tools provided by LC (Digital Viewer Validation)?


  1. Provide an update on your planned schedule for delivery of digital assets to the NDNP repository. Include anticipated number of files to be delivered and planned means of delivery or transfer.

At the end of December 2010, we had x titles indexed in Chronicling America, there were xx,xxx pages from Hawaii newspapers indexed and 10 title essays available.

The pace of processing fell off in the last few months of 2010 and almost all images are now at Library of Congress for processing. We now anticipate closing out the page delivery component of the 2008-2010 project in Spring 2011. We anticipate that the final title essays will be included in the next quarterly update of Chronicling America.

  1. State briefly the status of any other digitized newspaper activities in your or collaborating partners’ institutions (non-NDNP-funded).

To complement and enhance the newspaper project and findability of newspaper titles statewide, the library has digitized 2 print finding aid union lists produced during the precursor US Newspaper Program:

 ·      Hawaii newspapers a union list. Lists all known extant newspapers since 1834, not including those titles not held by any known institution. http://evols.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10524/2089
 ·      Inventory of newspapers published in Hawaii: preliminary list includes titles with no known holdings. Scanning is completed and human-OCR (necessary because of the importance of correct title and location information) is underway

  1. Please provide copies of or URLs for any public presentations or publications on topics related to your participation in NDNP (or describe future plans for such). 

Chronicling America and the National Digital Newspaper Program: Technical Aspects http://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/18541
Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers - The National Digital Newspaper Program in Hawaiʻi

  1. Describe any follow-up issues or questions you would like convey to the NDNP program committee as you begin your digital conversion project.

Not applicable.

Sent: Wed 3/10/2010 8:13 AM

Subject: Piala conference is ok for the ndnp project

We received approval for 2 people to attend the piala conference in Nov. So Dore and Martha are available for workshops/presentations. We would appreciate your suggestions, and your facilitating the organization of workshops.

This is what we proposed to NEH:

Session 1 will focus on the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as an important source of information about the American interest in the Pacific. For example, a search on "samoa" leads to 21,382 references in newspapers such as the New York Tribune, San Francisco Call, Salt Lake Herald, Fort Worth Daily Gazette, St. Paul Daily Globe, McCook Tribune (Nebraska), as well as the Hawai'i newspapers. Searching "guam" leads to 11, 423 references, "micronesia" leads to 275 references. These digitized articles provide historical documentation on the extensive relationship of the US to Pacific islands. Within these small political entities on isolated islands throughout the Pacific Ocean, information resources are scarce. Electronic information is thus of crucial importance to students and teachers. When PIALA conference attendees return to their home institutions, they will use the information from this session to introduce Chronicling America as a teaching and learning tool in their countries. The Chronicling America site provides access not only to information about Pacific islands and nations, but also to whatever else that an inquiring mind would want to search.

Session 2 will focus on the technical aspects of working on the Library of Congress' NDNP and the challenges of indexing and presenting digitized information from newspapers. This session will provide a brief overview of the grant application process, a discussion of newspaper title selection, and explain how metadata is used to drive the search and retrieval system in the Chronicling America database. PIALA participants would be very interested in being guided through the technical aspects of this project. The standards and procedures established by LC would be of great interest to participants, particularly to PIALA members contributing to the Pacific Digital Library.


The sessions were attended by approximately 68 individuals representing library, museums, archives, and educational institutions including:
American Samoa Medical Library
Belau National Museum Research Library
Chuuk High School
College of Micronesia
Federated States of Micronesia (Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Yap and the National/Main campuses)
Dept of Pohnpei Education
Eminaus High School Library, Palau
Faithwalk Christian College, Chuuk
Guam Memorial
Hospital Medical Library
Joeten Kiyu Public Library
Kiribati National Library
Kosrae Library Association
Kosrae Medical Library
Kwajalein Atoll High School Library
National Archives, Federated States of Micronesia
Outer Islands High School
Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL), Hawaii
Palau Community College
Palau Public Library
Pohnpei Medical Library
Pohnpei Public Library
Supreme Court, Federated States of Micronesia
University of North Texas
University of South Pacific (Fiji) Library 
University of South Pacific Marshall Islands campus
University of Guam
WHO/WPRO Library, Manila
Yap High School Library
Yap Medical Library


Potential Titles