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Interim Project Report January-June 2010

NDNP Awardee Interim Performance Report

(January 1, 2010--June 30, 2010)

NEH Award Number: PJ-50035-08
NDNP State:                 Hawaii
Submitted By:                Martha Chantiny
Report Date:                  July 31, 2010


  1. Describe any changes that you have made or that you anticipate making in the project work plan or methodology from the award proposal submitted to the competition.

Project Operations manager continued working 20 hours per week until the end of the employment contract period (June 30, 2010).  Graduate student continued to research and prepare title essays, and create and present instructional materials. 

In March we requested and were granted an extension of the grant period to December 31, 2010 and for the use of the use of grant funds to attend the PIALA conference in Micronesia. A proposal was accepted for a presentation at the Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives, and Museums PIALA conference in November, entitled: (1) Library of Congress Chronicling America and the Pacific (2) Technicalities of the Library of Congress' National Digital Newspaper Project (see attached).

  1. Please describe any selection or film acquisition/evaluation activities during the performance period.

Microfilm produced from filming print volumes of Hilo Tribune supplied from Library of Congress were checked for density readings.  This was the last title and film processed for the 2008-2010 project period.

  1. Describe any specific award activities that have taken place between collaborating institutions in your state.


  1. Describe specifically your progress in conversion and/or vendor selection (attach documentation as desired).

Reimbursement of NDNP fund and transfer of digital images of Hawaiian language portions of the title Hawaiian Gazette (reel 8 1892-01-23 to 2894-12-08 Hawaiian language, reel 11 1892-01-20 to 1893-06-28 bilingual, reel 12 1891-05-02 to 1894-12-08 bilingual) to a researcher associated with the Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

  1. Do you have any questions or comments regarding the use of the tools provided by LC (Digital Viewer Validation)?


  1. Provide an update on your planned schedule for delivery of digital assets to the NDNP repository.  Include anticipated number of files to be delivered and planned means of delivery or transfer. 

At the start of April 2010, we had 12 titles indexed in Chronicling America

Austin's Hawaiian weekly. 1899-06-17 1900-05-12    

The Daily bulletin.  1882-02-01 1894-06-30   

The Daily herald. 1886-09-01 1887-07-30   

Daily Honolulu press. 1885-09-01 1886-06-03   

The Democrat. 1910-10-25 1910-11-08   

Evening bulletin. 1895-05-16 1897-08-31   

The Hawaiian gazette. 1877-03-07 1913-12-30   

The Honolulu republican. 1900-06-14 1902-01-08   

The Honolulu times.     1902-10-01 1911-02-01   

The Independent. 1895-06-24 1905-10-24

The Independent. 1895-05-01 1895-06-15

Saturday press.  1880-09-04 1885-08-29  

and 71,457 pages invoiced by iArchives (including rescans of some out of focus pages).  As of the mid-June update of Chronicling America, there were 60,989 pages from Hawaii newspapers indexed and 10 title essays available.  Two additional title essays for the Daily/Evening Bulletin (one essay for both) and the Honolulu Republican have been submitted and 1 essay for the Hilo Tribune title remains to be written.

Pending final processing of images at Library of Congress and return of duplicate reels from iArchives, we anticipate closing out the page delivery component of the 2008-2010 project in early Fall 2010.  We anticipate that 2 of the final 3 title essays will be included in the next quarterly update of Chronicling America, with the final essay for the Hilo Tribune to follow in the subsequent quarterly update.

  1. State briefly the status of any other digitized newspaper activities in your or collaborating partners’ institutions (non-NDNP-funded).

In early April, we tested batch loading of newspaper PDFs to our eVols digital repository –http://evols.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10524/25 that uses the DSpace platform.  The process created by the library DSpace programmer was:

All metadata except for editor and publication were taken from iArchive folder/files or taken as given (e.g. language, subject). I filled in the collection as appropriate based on title.

I used a 3 step process:

1. A script crawls the folders and files, even going into the xml files, to get relevant metadata (title, issue date, volume, issue, etc) and dumps it into an excel sheet.

2. Another script crawls the folders and combines the PDF files in the issue folders and names it the same thing as the folder.

3. The final import script uses the excel data + the combined PDF to import everything into DSpace.
The batch combination of the page PDFs into issue PDFs is problematic when the same page had more than one microfilm image - the combined PDF contains both page images.  Currently we have students manually combining pages to create the most reader friendly file, but this is very time consuming.  We are researching a way to automate the combination and flag the files that may need human intervention.

  1. Please provide copies of or URLs for any public presentations or publications on topics related to your participation in NDNP (or describe future plans for such).

Presentations were created and handouts distributed in the following venues:

·      History Day 2010 session for DOE teachers, Sept. 2009.

·      Annual Meeting of the Association of Hawaii Archivists (AHA) February 2010

·      Information sessions at University of Hawaii Hilo. April 2010.  LOC bookmarks were distributed at all sessions.

April 27, at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii island

Attendance: 60+ students and faculty

April 28, at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii island

Attendance: 10 librarians and library staff

·      Volcanoes National Park's "After Dark in the Park" talk "History at Your Fingertips: Digital Hawaiian Resources" July 20, 2010 session

Approximately 30 attendees from the community

·      Kapolei Public Library, Oahu, May 2010. See attached flyer distributed by Kapolei Public Library.

Attendance: 2. This session was conducted in response to interest expressed by Sheryl Lynch at Kapolei public library.

 More training sessions are planned for additional locations on islands of Maui and Kauai and other locations on Oahu.  An example of instructional materials is attached. Other materials may be downloaded from the Events & Happenings section of our project site: http://sites.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/ndnp-hawaii/Home/conferences-and-workshops/

Other publicity/educational material prepared during the quarter:

·      "Newspapers in Hawaii" guide, prepared by Dore Minatodani, online at: http://guides.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/hawaiinewspapers

·      "U.S. Territories in the Pacific: American Samoa," subject guide modeled after the "Topics in Chronicling America" pages, prepared by Monica Labriola.  The American Samoa subject guide was prepared for use at PIALA later this year. It will be put online via the "Newspapers in Hawaii" LibGuide for Chronicling America

We have created and started to add selected images of interest from the newspapers to the library Chronicling America Flickr collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48937757@N07/collections/72157623751147050/

  1. Describe any follow-up issues or questions you would like convey to the NDNP program committee as you begin your digital conversion project.

Not applicable.

Sent: Wed 3/10/2010 8:13 AM
Subject: Piala conference is ok for the ndnp project

We received approval for 2 people to attend the piala conference in Nov. So Dore and Martha are available for workshops/presentations. We would appreciate your suggestions, and your facilitating the organization of workshops.

This is what we proposed to NEH:

Session 1 will focus on the Library of Congress Chronicling America site as an important source of information about the American interest in the Pacific. For example, a search on "samoa" leads to 21,382 references in newspapers such as the New York Tribune, San Francisco Call, Salt Lake Herald, Fort Worth Daily Gazette, St. Paul Daily Globe, McCook Tribune (Nebraska), as well as the Hawai'i newspapers. Searching "guam" leads to 11, 423 references, "micronesia" leads to 275 references. These digitized articles provide historical documentation on the extensive relationship of the US to Pacificislands. Within these small political entities on isolated islands throughout the Pacific Ocean, information resources are scarce. Electronic information is thus of crucial importance to students and teachers. When PIALA conference attendees return to their home institutions, they will use the information from this session to introduce Chronicling America as a teaching and learning tool in their countries. The Chronicling America site provides access not only to information about Pacific islands and nations, but also to whatever else that an inquiring mind would want to search.

Session 2 will focus on the technical aspects of working on the Library of Congress' NDNP and the challenges of indexing and presenting digitized information from newspapers. This session will provide a brief overview of the grant application process, a discussion of newspaper title selection, and explain how metadata is used to drive the search and retrieval system in the Chronicling America database. PIALA participants would be very interested in being guided through the technical aspects of this project. The standards and procedures established by LC would be of great interest to participants, particularly to PIALA members contributing to the Pacific Digital Library.

Chronicling America
Historic American Newspapers


Chronicling America is part of the National Digital Newspaper Program. Continuing a longstanding effort by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress to preserve the content of U.S. newspapers, it offers free online digital copies of selected newspapers from around the U.S. Eventually, selected papers from all states, territories and D.C., between 1836-1922 will be available.

As of June: 1,249,747 newspaper pages, from 140 newspapers, from 11 states, covering 1880-1922, are available. New content is added quarterly.

How do my students find articles on their topics?

1)   Use the Search Page:

a.    Select the "VIEW Newspaper Pages" icon.

b.    Go to the "Enter Search" options at the bottom of the page.

c.    Enter your search. Some tips:

                                     i.     Search all newspapers, rather than selecting and browsing newspapers from a particular state. Remind students that newspapers reported on stories from all over, not just their local news.

                                    ii.     Use the "exact phrase" or "within xx words of each other" searches.

d.    Example: HAWAIIAN CABLE within 50 words of each other

2)   Use Topic Guides:

a.    Go to: http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/topics/topics.html

b.    Under each topic, students will find selected articles, plus:

                                     i.     important dates

                                    ii.     useful search terms

c.    Use these dates and search terms in new searches to find more articles. Encourage your students to think of their own search terms, too.

3)   Download images as JP2 or PDF files, for use in presentations.

Hawaii newspapers available as of today (9/12/2009):

·       The Independent (1895-1905)

·       The Daily Herald

Expected online soon:

·       The Independent (1895)

·       Hawaiian Gazette

In process:

  • The Honolulu Times
  • Austin’s Hawaiian Weekly
  • The Democrat
  • The Daily Honolulu Press
  • The Honolulu Republican
  • The Saturday Press
  • Daily Bulletin
  • Evening Bulletin
  • Hawaiian Star

Contacts at University of Hawaii Manoa Library's Hawaiian Collection:

·       Joan Hori, project director, jhori@hawaii.edu

·       Dore Minatodani, dorem@hawaii.edu

iArchives invoices through April 2010

Batch Flying
487 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18820201-18820630
978 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18830101-18830630
833 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18830701-18831231
654 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18840101-18840630
757 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18840701-18841231
765 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18850101-18850630
798 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18850701-18851231
861 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18860101-18860630
643 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18860701-18861231
783 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18870201-18870630
940 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18880101-18880630
626 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18890101-18890630
887 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18900101-18900630
Batch Gold
964 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18820701-18821231
737 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18880701-18881231
635 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18920101-18920630
662 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18920701-18921231
811 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18930101-18930630
933 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18930701-18931231
639 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18940101-18940630
740 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0001
822 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0002
890 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0003
844 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0004
871 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0005
820 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0006
820 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0007
Batch Hawk
820 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0008
830 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0009
832 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0010
904 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0023
952 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0024
850 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0025
852 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0026
977 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0027
862 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0028
903 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0029
885 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0030
938 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0031
933 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0032
1,002 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0038
Batch Ice
634 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18890701-18891231
973 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0039
1,247 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0040
1,142 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0041
1,019 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0042
911 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0043
958 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0044
1,132 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0045
1,097 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0046
1,004 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0047
Batch Jack
1,038 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18940701-18941231
879 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0011
1,049 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0012
961 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0013
884 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0014
920 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0015
901 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0016
939 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0017
976 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0018
837 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0019
902 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0020
Batch King
1,005 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0021
1,171 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0048
1,495 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0049
1,041 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0052
1,131 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0053
1,198 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0054
1,152 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0055
1,294 Hawaiian_Gazette/HAG_18980701-18991219_rescan
Batch Lion
692 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18900701-18901231
1,053 Daily_Bulletin/DAB_18950101-18950531
959 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0022
950 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0033
993 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0034
993 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0035
995 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0036
1,192 Evening_Bulletin/EB_0051