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Interim Project Report, July-December 2008

NEH Coversheet: GRANT10091009

NDNP Awardee Interim Performance Report

(July 1, 2008--December 31, 2008)

NEH Award Number: PJ-50035-08

NDNP State: Hawaii

Submitted By: Martha Chantiny

Report Date: 1/30/09


  1. Describe any changes that you have made or that you anticipate making in the project work plan or methodology from the award proposal submitted to the competition.

After phone consultation with NEH/NDNP representatives, a revised budget was submitted in early July 2008 to reflect the smaller award amount. The job description for the project manager was revised based on information from the NDNP Awardee Meeting and in consultation with, and under the direction of the library Personnel Officer and UH Manoa Office of Human Resources between 9/11/08 and 11/3/08 when it was approved for advertisement. The job was advertised on 11/6/08 with a closing date of 11/21/08 (see attached position description). Interviews were held 12/8-12/18 and a candidate was offered the position on 12/19/08 with a start date of 1/12/09.

The Plan of Work as submitted in Grant Proposal has been modified based on actual award requirements and consultation with iArchives. See attached.

    1. Please describe any selection or film acquisition/evaluation activities during the performance period.

Based on recommendations by NEH/NDNP representatives (see attached) and subsequent 6/30/08 conference phone call, an initial list of possible titles that could be obtained from local sources or OCLC was created. The Advisory Committee convened on 10/6/08 (agenda attached) to hear and discuss information from the August NDNP Awardee Meeting and September Meta|Morphosis Workshop that principal investigators Joan Hori and Martha Chantiny attended. The Committee approved 3 titles based on a sample review of microfilm images and the more recent, 1989, date of creation for the microfilm. The selections were:

      • Title: The Independent.
        Editor(s): Logan, Daniel,
        No. 1 (May 1, 1895)-v. 1, no. 39 (June 15, 1895).
        sn 84020096
      • Title: The Daily Herald.
        Editor(s): Logan, Daniel, 1852-
        Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 1, 1886)-v. 2, no. 128 (July 30, 1887)
        sn 85047239
      • Title: The Independent.
        Editor: 1895-1902, E. Norrie.
        vol. 1, no. 1 (June 24, 1895)-Oct. 31, 1905
        sn 85047097
    1. Describe any specific award activities that have taken place between collaborating institutions in your state.

Not Applicable

    1. Describe specifically your progress in conversion and/or vendor selection (attach documentation as desired).

Based on recommendations from project participants, information obtained at the Awardee Meeting and Meta | Morphosis workshop, the Library opted to pursue "sole source purchase" of digitization services from iArchives. Justification forms submitted to the Library Fiscal Office and UH Manoa campus Office of Procurement and Real Property Management stated:

iArchives has by far the best delivery record for NDNP projects in the past 2 grant cycles for over 70% of awarded projects and have successfully delivered nearly a million images of NDNP content. iArchives is the only vendor able to deliver NDNP output that has also digitized content directly for the Library of Congress. As a "probationary" grant recipient the Library needs to employ a vendor with extensive experience meeting the technical specifications.

Two iArchives representatives were on-site at the University of Hawaii Library on 1/20-21/08. The metadata for the sample reel was reviewed and updated at that time.

During the site visit, preliminary specifications for creating a dSpace-compatible deliverable were discussed with the Library institutional repository programmer. A test community/sub-collection setup has been established (screen shots attached).

Quality Review of the sample images was completed 1/28/08 and mailed to NDNP on 1/30/09. The project manager completed density readings for 23 reels and determined that at least 8-10 more reels will be needed to meet the target number for the grant.

    1. Do you have any questions or comments regarding the use of the tools provided by LC (Digital Viewer Validation)?

None at this time. No problems were encountered using it on the sample reel files.

    1. Provide an update on your planned schedule for delivery of digital assets for the award, including samples, to the NDNP repository. Include anticipated number of files to be delivered and planned means of delivery or transfer. (Keep in mind the delivery deadlines noted in the Cooperative Agreement Document, but also take into consideration your own resources and workflow plans. LC requests that you plan to deliver new data monthly, with one batch per hard drive. Batches that have been submitted and require rework should be shipped to LC as soon as fixes are complete (send more than one hard drive at a time, if needed).

External hard drives and Pelican cases are on order. The sample files will be shipped in a regular box, with padding, on an external hard drive purchased locally. We plan to send all shipments to iArchives and LC via UPS. We expect to process at least 1,000 images per month up to 5,000 images and deliver a hard drive every 4-6 weeks, starting approximately 2/28/09.

    1. State briefly the status of any other digitized newspaper activities in your or collaborating partners’ institutions (non-NDNP-funded).

We have begun exploring the possibility of partnering with footnote.com to digitize the newspaper clipping "morgue" of the Honolulu Advertiser from microfiche (approximately 293,200 fiche in Biographical and approximately 81,200 fiche in Subject categories). The Advertiser staff have been trying to digitize the collection using a Minolta 6000 Reader-Printer without a lot of progress because they report that it "requires us to insert the fiche one at a time and to manually adjust the settings for each frame". Possible subjects for a small sample scan have been suggested and footnote.com content specialists will let us know what they think will fit best with their current offerings.

    1. Please provide copies of or URLs for any public presentations or publications on topics related to your participation in NDNP (or describe future plans for such).

Congressmen Neil Abercrombie's office was informed and thanked for support in a 7/14/08 letter (attached). A project web site has been established using Google sites: http://sites.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/ndnp-hawaii/Home

    1. Describe any follow-up issues or questions you would like convey to the NDNP program committee as you begin your digital conversion project.

Questions about definition of metadata fields "Guide to Contents Present Flag" and "Loose Leaves" vs. "Bound Volume" and microfilm reel box labels were asked and answered via email 1/21-22/09 (attached).