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Interim Project Report, July-December 2009

July 1, 2009--December 30, 2009

NEH Award Number: PJ-50035-08
NDNP State: Hawaii
Report Date: January 31, 2010


  1. Describe any changes that you have made or that you anticipate making in the project work plan or methodology from the award proposal submitted to the competition.
Effective August 24, 2009 the full-time project operations manager (Erenst Anip) switched to 20 hours per week (to comply with employment regulations for international graduate students). We hired a part-time graduate student to work with the project manager to research and draft historical essays and material for History Day and other public presentations. Monica LaBriola started work 9/4/09.
  1. Please describe any selection or film acquisition/evaluation activities during the performance period.
Verification of master microfilm holdings for the title Hawaiian Gazette:
Master housed at Hawaii State Archives, but owned by Hawaiian Historical Society. Reels: 33 (1865-1913)
Call number for master negative: Np 2298
1866: Jan.20-1875: Dec.29
1895: Feb.1-1918: Oct.18
Between these two sets, there is a complete set, but each is incomplete in some way.
  1. Describe any specific award activities that have taken place between collaborating institutions in your state.
Consultation with Library Preservation department, local microfilm duplication vendor Advanced MicroImage and Head, Newspaper Section, Serial & Government Publications Division, Library of Congress concerning preparation of 3 bound volumes of the Hilo tribune for microfilming and then digitization (see email attached, pages 5-6). As of January 22 the disbinding of the first volume has been completed and individual sheets interleaved with Apollo tissue. There is enough Apollo tissue to start the 2nd volume, but more tissue needs to be bought to complete the second and the 3rd. Scheduling of microfilming is still on track for February.
Location, verifying holding activities have occurred between UH Manoa, the State Archives Records Center, Bishop Museum and the Library of Congress regarding the title Evening bulletin (Honolulu, Hawaii), 1895-1912. This is because the master microfilm for some reels were found to be warped and resulted in blurred digital images.
Monica has updated the online version of Helen Chapin's /Guide to Newspapers of Hawai'i, 1834-2000 (http://www.hawaiianhistoricalsociety.org/ref/chapinmultisearch.php), by adding location information to newspapers' records:
- University of Hawaii at Manoa Call Numbers
- online availability (Ulukau for Hawaiian language newspapers and Chronicling America)
  1. Describe specifically your progress in conversion and/or vendor selection (attach documentation as desired).
In October we calculated our progress:
13701 images to LC (12,603 pages available on Chronicling America site in June 2009)
September 2009 Batch Eel (approx. 11,000) in transit to LC:
October 2009 in process with Library of Congress:
Batch Cardinal approx. 10,500 images accepted Batch Damsel approx. 10,600 images returned by LC
Some images were out of focus and most of the text is illegible. These appear to be part the result of the digitization process. The dates are as follows:
1898: 11/29,12/03, 12/27
1899 4/11, 4/15, 4/18, 4/21, 6/23, 6/27

As of 9/09 50,097 images, including duplicates, have been processed and invoiced by iArchive

Pages from the Hawaiian language only editions of the Honolulu Republican/Hawaii Holomua were mistakenly included in our fifth batch (Eel) and part of the sixth batch (Flying). A break down of reel contents applicable and not applicable for NDNP is attached on page 8. We subsequently divided out the Hawaiian-only portions and will be resubmitting Batch Eel after correcting identifier collision problems. An additional problem with this batch was the DVV reported that the LCCNs were not found in Chronicling America: sn85047264 - Daily Honolulu Press and sn85047165 - Honolulu Republican. This was due to two records in OCLC Worldcat for each title, one with the LCCN and the other with more complete serial information. Updated MARC dat files were sent to, and received at LC in mid-November.

Between October and December we processed 5 more batches at an estimated 55,405 images. According to our estimates this put us just slightly above 103,000 images but brought us to the end of the Evening Bulletin publication period. However as of January we now find that our estimated page counts were too low by slightly more than 8,300.

As of January 2010 iArchives has sent us 10 batches, totaling 97,775 (our calculations showed 96,424 unique pages). As of mid-January we have reached (or just exceeded) 100,000 images processed by iArchives. iArchives reported via email on January 4:

According to the delivery log you are at 97,775 images delivered. However, we still have 20,502 images in our system left to process."

That last title is Evening Bulletin, a collection of 55 microfilm reels from 1882-1912. The last reels of which are in batch King. This is the most recent batch summary from iArchives:

batch_angel 3-Mar-2009 5,264
batch_butterfly 31-Mar-2009 7,776
batch_cardinal 31-May-2009 10,547
batch_damsel 29-Jun-2009 10,611
batch_eel 2-Jul-2009 8,172
batch_flying 30-Jul-2009/31-Oct-2009 11,274
batch_gold 14-Nov-2009 11,188
batch_hawk 14-Nov-2009 12,540
batch_ice 8-Dec-2009 10,117
batch_jack 22-Dec-2009 10,286
batch_king 27-Jan-2010 9,928

                                         TOTAL: 107,703

  1. Do you have any questions or comments regarding the use of the tools provided by LC (Digital Viewer Validation)?
  1. Provide an update on your planned schedule for delivery of digital assets to the NDNP repository. Include anticipated number of files to be delivered and planned means of delivery or transfer.
Batch Flying [11,274] and Gold [11,188] are currently being processed by LC. Batch Eel [8,172] has been reworked and resent to LC for processing. Batch Damsel [10,611] is being reworked and will be sent to LC processing. Batch Hawk [12,540], Ice [10,117], and Jack [10,286] are in the quality review phase. Batch King is on hold at iArchives until we find out if we can exceed the 100,000 page limit.

Six title essays have been submitted to date, the most recent three submitted in December 2008, are undergoing review at Library of Congress: More about the Newspaper: Austin’s Hawaiian Weekly (Honolulu, Hawai‘i), 1899-1900, LCCN: sn8547152; More about the Newspaper: The Honolulu Times (Honolulu, Hawai‘i), 1902-1911, LCCN: sn85047211 and More about the Newspaper: The Hawaiian Gazette (Honolulu, Hawai‘i), 1865-1918 LCCN: sn83025121

State briefly the status of any other digitized newspaper activities in your or collaborating partners’ institutions (non-NDNP-funded).

Hawaii State Library has received a grant from Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) to digitize the published Index to the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star Bulletin, 1929+

  1. Please provide copies of or URLs for any public presentations or publications on topics related to your participation in NDNP (or describe future plans for such).
On September 13, 2009 Hawaiian collection librarian Dore Minatodani attended a session (Teaching American History, sponsored by the US DOE, and the Hawaii Council for the Humanities) to provide information on resources to help them with History Day. There were 26 teachers from Oahu and neighbor islands at the session. Handouts are online at: http://sites.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/ndnp-hawaii/Home/conferences-and-workshops/historyday09

An announcement was sent to two local lists (see attached page 7) - Hawaii Library Association and Association of Hawaii Archivists and to University of Hawaii at Manoa departments: American Studies, Anthropology, Pacific Island Studies, College of Tropical Agriculture, Urban and Regional Planning, Economics, Education, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Journalism, Library and Information Science, Women's Research, Political Science, Population Studies, Public Administration, Social Sciences Research Institute, Institute for Peace, Social Work, Travel Industry Management, Business, Law School, Hawaiian Studies, Disability Studies, Hawaiian Language, History, Women's Studies.

A traveling exhibit and presentation materials for the upcoming Hawaii History Day (http://www.nationalhistoryday.org/hawaiipage.htm) scheduled April 17, 2010 are being prepared.

  1. Describe any follow-up issues or questions you would like convey to the NDNP program committee as you begin your digital conversion project.
Not applicable

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: LC Hilo Tribune prep
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 15:36:07 -1000
The papers are all very, very brittle and the project needs to be handled with extreme care at every phase. Please confirm, for us, your agreement with LC that the Preservation staff will do the following per your request:
Cut and completely remove binding threads to separate the issues. All margins facing the spine will show losses after threads and old adhesives are removed. Cases will be left intact. Leaves will be loose in cases on return to LC. Please note that each book is sewn with a different technique, and glued tightly in some areas. All the above will affect how flat the book will open for filming.
Book Conservation Lab
Preservation Department, Hamilton Library 
University of Hawaii at Manoa
|||| I have another conundrum with our microfilm. Back a few months ago we got word that one reel of scanned images were blurry. After backtracking and checking with iArchives and our microfilm duplicator Advanced MicroImage ... it seems that the blurring was not caused by any errors in the iArchive scanning, and was not a bad duplication. The microfilm company says (see below) that the master reel itself is warped.

>> ==========
>> Subject: Reduplication of Daily & Evening Bulletins
>> Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 10:56:35 -1000
|||| I am sorry this has taken so long, but the State Records Center was not able to retrieve the microfilm reels that I requested until Monday, 12/14. I reduplicated one of the reels; however, I noticed blurred images. I looked at the original master, and I noticed that the film is slightly warped. This defect is often found on older triacetate microfilm reels.
|||| Due to the design of the silver microfilm duplicator, it is not possible to make a copy that does not have some blurred images if the master is warped. The only solution I have is to make a vesicular duplicate. The vesicular duplicator is able to duplicate reels that are slightly warped. I am not sure if the Library of Congress would accept a vesicular copy in lieu of a silver copy; since it is not considered an archival material. If you would like vesicular duplicates made, please call me at 847-1544. There will not be any extra charges to reduplicate the reels on vesicular film.
-------- Original Message --------
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 10:40:48 -1000
Aloha and Happy New Year!
The UHM Library is pleased to announce that these English-language Hawaiʻi newspapers have been digitized and OCR-ed, and are available online at the Library of Congress's Chronicling America website,
http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov. The papers are:
- The Daily Herald (Honolulu, 1886-1887)
- The Hawaiian Gazette (Honolulu, 1865-1916; online: 1877-1913)
- The Independent (Honolulu, 1895-1905)
The Daily Herald and The Hawaiian Gazette (during the years included here) represent a conservative pro-American editorial viewpoint, and The Independent represents a strongly nationalistic Hawaiian viewpoint.
Other newspapers available at Chronicling America include extensive coverage of Hawaiʻi topics, from across the United States. As of December of 2009, Chronicling America offers free searchable online access to 1.7 million pages from 212 newspaper titles published between 1880 and 1922.
Digitization of additional newspaper content continues at the UHM Library and other National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) participant sites, and new content will be uploaded in future quarterly increments. UHM Library participation in the NDNP is being made possible by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant (principal investigators Joan Hori and Martha Chantiny).

1. Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_eel\00294552285 MIX
  • Language(s)
    • Mixed English and Hawaiian (separate English and Hawaiian papers; none has both languages in one paper)
  • Contents
    • Hawai‘i Holomua Progress in English(36 issues): 9/18/1893 – 10/31/1893 (except 10/30 issue missing and 10/31 only three pages)
    • Honolulu Republican in English (16 issues): 1/8/1902 – 1/25/1902 (1/802 issue is page 8 only)
    • Hawai‘i Holomua in Hawaiian (18 issues): 1/23/1892 – 4/16/1892; 5/21/1892; 5/28/1892; 6/18/1892; 12/1/1894; 12/8/1894
    • Hawaii Holomua Puka-la in Hawaiian (58 issues): 2/1/1894 – 5/8/1894; issues missing)
  • Hawaiian newspapers separated into folder Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_eel\00294552285 MIX\hawaiian
2. Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_eel\00294552005 HPH HI
  • Language(s): English only
  • Contents
    • Hawai‘i Holomua Progress in English (123 issues): 5/14/1894 – 6/19/1894; 8/1/1894 – 1/2/1895
    • Hawai‘i Holomua in English (33 issues): 6/20/1894 – 7/30/1894
    3. Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_eel\00294552297 HPH ENG
    • Language(s): English only
    • Contents
    • Hawai‘i Holomua Progress in English (163 issues): 11/1/1893 – 5/14/1894; 11/1/93 issue very overexposed and first page missing—date not visible)
4. Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_flying\00294552017 MIX
  • Language(s)
    • Mixed Hawaiian and English; none exclusively in Hawaiian, all contain some or all English
  • Contents
    • Hawaii Holomua in Hawaiian and English with “English version” on last page (120 issues): 1/20/1892 – 6/28/1893
    • Hawaii Holomua Progress in English (38 issues): 11/16/1894 – 1/5/1895 (1894111601 pp. 1-2 overexposed)
5. Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_flying\00294552029 MIX
  • Language(s)
    • Hawaiian, Hawaiian/English
  • Contents
    • Hawaii Holomua in Hawaiian (48 issues): 5/2/1891, 12/10/1892, 12/17/1892, 9/23/1893, 9/30/1893, 10/7/1893 – 6/30/1894; 12/1/1894 – 12/8/1894
    • Hawaii Holomua in Hawaiian and English (72 issues): 1/7/1892 – 9/2/1893
    • Hawaii Holomua Progress in English (1 issue): 9/18/1893, page 1 only
  • Hawaiian only newspapers separated into folder Y:\HI Holomua Progress\batch_flying\00294552029 MIX\hawaiian