Bloopers in Newspaper Layouts

Newspapers often run at pretty tight deadlines, with reporters and editors furiously writing and editing their stories and preparing the page layouts for print. Sometimes, in the middle of the deadline rush, it's easy for editors to overlook mistakes in their layouts. And sometimes these mistakes go to print.

For this textbook, the title "Personal News" is displayed correctly, but the text below are upside down.

For this text box, the first line of text is upside down.

This article also has its first line upside down.

The "Nervous Debility" ad fits perfectly with the other text boxes, but it's upside down!

-Alice Kim


"Personal News"
The Honolulu republican., December 29, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

The Independent., April 12, 1897, Image 1

"Austin Demands It"
Evening bulletin., October 13, 1902, Image 1

"Nervous Debility"
The Independent., May 25, 1901, Image 3