Workshop 1

October 23-24, 2017
Alcanena, Portugal

A tentative program has been posted. [2017-10-20]

The first workshop on Developing Metadata Editing and Collection Management Tools for Linguistics (MEaCoM 1) will be held at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation (CIDLeS) in Alcanena, Portgual, immediately following the annual meeting of the Communities in Control conference. 

This workshop is being organized in response to priorities identified at the Language Documentation Tools and Methods Summit held in Melbourne in June 2016. 

The outcome of the workshop will be a draft software requirements specification and associated use cases (or “user stories”) for a metadata and collection management tool. We envision that such a specification will likely build on existing tools and make use of open technologies (e.g., Git). However, for this first workshop we will focus on functional requirements rather than particular details of implementation. In order to facilitate lively interaction we will keep the size of the workshop relatively small, but we hope to incorporate a wide range of perspectives, from field linguists to archivists to developers.

We envision a hands-on, interactive workshop. In keeping with this goal we are not asking participants to prepare a formal presentation. Instead, we will ask participants to contribute to drafting a position paper in advance of the workshop, outlining the state of current resources and desiderata for a metadata editor and collection management tool. To facilitate this we will be circulating a detailed survey later in the summer to which we ask that you respond.



In advance of the workshop we have prepared a short homework assignment, which should take no more than an hour to complete. For this assignment we have prepared a set of data files together with a text file containing metadata. Your task is to use at least two collection management tools to organize this sample set of metadata. You may choose these tools from among Saymore, CMDI Maker, the PARADISEC spreadsheet, or any other method you like. While you are doing this think about the following: 
  • Ease of data entry;
  • Logic of grouping data types; 
  • Ideas for how it could be done better
  • How would you deal with revised versions of the same file?
During the workshop you will have an opportunity to report back on your homework assignment. 
Reports can be entered into the following documents:


We have prepared a short survey in order to gather information about existing practices in metadata and collection management and desiderata for a collection management tool. We encourage you to complete the survey yourselves and to distribute it to your networks. The survey link is: 


Invited participants will be housed at the Hotel Eurosol in Alcanena. 


Local organizers
  • Mandana Seyfeddinipur, ELDP
  • Vera Ferreira, CIDLeS
Host Institution
Just prior to the workshop, 19-21 July, Alcanena will be host to the Communities in Control conference, jointly sponsored by Mercator-SOAS-CIDLeS and the Foundation for Endangered Languages. See the conference website for more information.