Tech It Out Day is on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 8:30 AM in the Education Building, 1st floor

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Join us at Tech It Out Day to explore how technology can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and online. "Test drive" a variety of technology tools, network with your peers, and celebrate the start of a new semester with food and drink. This event is open to the Leeward CC `ohana. Registration (by Sun. 8/13) is required to attend.

Register ( for the event, and on Tech It Out Day (Aug. 14), choose four sessions to attend out of 20 sessions. (See session descriptions below.) Please plan ahead which sessions you'd like to attend as some require certain devices, for you to download/install an app, and/or create an account prior to coming.

Sessions are hands-on; please bring your own device (i.e. laptop and mobile devices). Don't have a laptop? A Chromebook laptop can be provided for you upon request when you register. (Note: Some sessions require a certain type of device and will be noted in the session description. Also, depending on the session, mobile devices may have limited capabilities.)

Note: Due to construction on campus, we do not have a venue close by the classrooms for a large group gathering for the welcome and breakfast. Instead, please come by the ED building, 1st floor elevator/lobby area at 8:30 AM to sign in, get some food and drink, and catch up with your colleagues before heading into your first session/classroom where there will be a brief welcome at 9:00 AM before the first sessions start.

Morning Instructions

Direct link to morning instructions:

Tech It Out Day 2017 Schedule

There are four tracks/rooms of concurrent sessions. Choose four sessions from any room, as long as they are in different time blocks. Click on a session title in the table below to view its description. The keywords in italics are tags/descriptors of the tool being shared in the session. Print-friendly (PDF) version of the schedule also available here.

TIME Room ED 101 Room ED 102 Room ED 103 Room ED 104
ED bldg 1st floorED bldg 1st floorED bldg 1st floor ED bldg 1st floor
Session 1

formative assessment

3D Printing
design, manufacturing
video database

Session 2
Classroom Community with Google Forms & Slides
community, forms

Quizlet Live
formative assessment

Screencasts for Feedback
video, feedback
Adobe Spark
video, presentation
Session 3

Kahoot Re-boot
formative assessment
Academic Reading Apps

Session 4

DE Instructors Talk Story


Please complete the survey. Prize drawing.

Please complete the survey. Prize drawing. Please complete the survey. Prize drawing. Please complete the survey. Prize drawing.

Session Descriptions and Resources

Room ED 101

  • Using Slack to Enhance Communication - Slack is a real-time messaging, archiving and search tool for teams. In this session, you'll see how Slack is used, how to use it, and participate in a Slack conversation to try it out for yourself.  Required: Laptop (desktop app is optional) or mobile device with the Slack app installed (iOSAndroid, or Windows). Resource: Presentation slides (.pptx)
    Facilitator: Pete Gross (, ICS, Math & Sciences Division
  • Building Classroom Community Using Google Forms & Slides - Google Forms and Google Slides can be used to create student surveys and present student survey data to create a classroom community. In this session, you'll learn how to gather information about students using Google Forms, present data gathered from Google Forms using Google Slides, and share with the class to create a classroom community. Required: Laptop. Limited functionality on mobile devices. Resources: Google Forms Help
    Facilitator: Michele Mahi (, Speech, Language Arts Division
  • JotForm - A Better and Easier Online Form - JotForm is an easy, yet sophisticated, online form builder to help you create and publish online forms. Online forms are useful in creating things such as formative assessments for students or surveys to collect information from students, industry partners, and colleagues. In this session, you'll learn how to create your own JotForm. Required: Laptop. Resources: JotForm video tutorials.
    Facilitator: Warren Kawano (, Business Technology, Business Division
  • Using Padlet to Promote Collaborative Learning and Literacy - Padlet is a digital canvas to visually create, share, and collaborate on projects. In this session, learn how Padlet is used to promote collaborative learning and literacy by allowing students in small groups or large class discussions to visually present and share information on a topic. You'll have hands-on experience using Padlet and see how students can make meaning from their peers' work. Required: Laptop (no app required) or mobile device with Padlet app installed (iOS or Android). Resource: Presentation slide deck with activity.
    Facilitator: Cara Chang (, English, Language Arts Division

Room ED 102

  • Teaching with Nearpod - Nearpod is an interactive classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons. In this session, you'll get an overview of using Nearpod in the classroom and participate in a Nearpod activity on your laptop or mobile device to try it out. Required: Laptop or mobile device. Optional: Mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows, or Chrome)
    Facilitator: Borjana Lubura-Winchester (, Geography, Social Sciences Division
  • Quizlet Live - Quizlet Live is an in-class, team-based learning game tool. In this session, learn how to use Quizlet Live to integrate technology into the classroom for small group, formative learning activities. Go to to participate in a Quizlet Live activity. Required: Laptop or mobile device.
    Facilitator: Brent Hirata (, EMC, Academic Services Division, and Cindy Martin (, ICTL, Academic Services Division
  • Swivl - Swivl is a robotic platform for mounting your tablet to capture video of your instruction or group conversations. In this session, come and meet the new Swivl and learn how it can help you and your students or audience.
    Facilitator: Brent Hirata (, EMC, Academic Services Division
  • De-Mystifying Documentation, A Fun Way Using the SmartBoard - SmartBoard is physical, touch-screen, interactive whiteboard. We are lucky to have SmartBoards with projectors in the ED Building classrooms. In this session, you'll learn how students who have difficulty with documentation, Modern Language Association (MLA) version 8, can be facilitated through the use of the SmartBoard. You'll be given an MLA cheat sheet showing how various sources are documented, and have a hands-on opportunity to participate in teams to build a Work Cited entry for a particular source using the SmartBoard. Resource: MLA SmartNotebook file.
    Facilitators: Lani Uyeno ( and Ann Inoshita (, English, Language Arts Division

Room ED 103

  • Wonders of 3D Printing - 3D printing is a computer controlled process used to create a three-dimensional object in which layers of material are "printed" into an object. You don't have to be a techie to use 3D printers; they're now more affordable and easy to use. In this session, learn how 3D printers can be used in all disciplines to enhance curriculum. Various model ideas, 3D communities, and current free 3D modeling software will be shared.
    Facilitator: Jennifer DiGiacinto (, ITG, Academic Services Division
  • Using Screencasts for Feedback on Assignments - In this session, we will discuss how video feedback is useful (vs. only written comments) for student learning, building rapport with students, and cutting down on grading time. There will also be a demo of screencasting software, hands-on practice using screencasting software, and Q&A/discussion at the end. Required: Laptop. Download TinyTake (Win or Mac) and/or ActivePresenter6 (Win or Mac). Recommended: Headset with mic or earbuds with mic. Resource: Screencasting for Feedback resource website.
    Facilitator: Meredith Lee (, English, Language Arts Division
  • Kahoot Re-boot - Kahoot is a popular online tool for designing interactive games. Kahoot can be used to introduce or review course material, initiate discussion, and generate surveys. This session will introduce Kahoot by giving you the chance to play a brief game and then experiment with using Kahoot's latest features on your own. Go to to participate in a Kahoot activity.
    Facilitator: Kelly Kennedy (, ELI, Language Arts Division
  • DE Instructors Talk Story - Chat with Leeward CC online instructors about anything and everything online teaching related. Participate in our online community. Required: Laptop or mobile device.
    Facilitators: Greg Walker (, EMC, Academic Services Division, and Meredith Lee (, English, Language Arts

Room ED 104

  • Streaming Videos: Design and Create Playlists to Enhance Student Learning - Kanopy is a video streaming database of thousands of quality full-length films and documentaries. Using Kanopy, you will be able to share individual videos or clips of videos with students. In this session, you'll learn how to find movies, create clips and playlists, and share/embed playlists. Required: Laptop or mobile device.
    Facilitator: Natalie Wahl (, Library, Academic Services Division
  • Communicate with Impact: Create Engaging Animated Videos with Adobe SparkAdobe Spark is a free tool that can turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos. Using Spark, you and your students can create engaging audiovisual presentations in minutes. In this session, you'll make your own graphics and/or short video recording. Required: Laptop (no app needed) or iOS mobile device with the Adobe Spark Post app (iOS) and Adobe Spark Video app (iOS) installed. Resources: Using Adobe Spark for Teaching and Learning. Kahoot Food Facts & Questions.
    Facilitators: Junie Hayashi (, Library, Academic Services Division, and Kelly Kennedy (, Language Arts Division
  • Popular and Academic Reading Apps - Access OverDrive, Flipster, and New York Times subscriptions from your Leeward CC Library for free. In this session, learn how to access valuable online resources: books, magazines, and news from anywhere at any time. Required: Laptop or mobile device. Resources: Presentation slide deck.
    Facilitator: Annemarie Paikai (, Library, Academic Services Division
  • Kaizena - Fast, Personal Feedback on Student Work - Kaizena is an online tool that allows you to give fast, personal feedback on student work. It supports file types such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, PDF, Word, PPT, PNG, and JPG. Quickly give every student the feedback they need to improve, for free. Using the Kaizena web application, you can edit and revise student work with Google Drive, using voice comments, text comments, lessons and skills. Required: Laptop or mobile device. Resources: Presentation slide deck.
    Facilitator: Junie Hayashi (, Library, Academic Services Division

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After-Event Session

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Laulima Challenge (Room LC 108A)

Eventbrite - Laulima Challenge (Fall 2017)

(Registration required if you wish to attend the Laulima Challenge. Note to TEP participants: This session is already included in your program.)

Laulima is the University of Hawaii's online collaborative learning environment. You can use Laulima to organize class materials, streamline communication with your students (including feedback on assignments and grades), reduce paper use, and increase student engagement for your online and face-to-face classes. In this fun and interactive challenge, you will work with a partner to learn how to use Laulima’s basic tools so you can set-up your courses for the upcoming semester. For more info and to register, visit:

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