Tech It Out Day is on Monday, August 13, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Education Building, 1st floor

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Join us at Tech It Out Day to explore how technology can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and online. "Test drive" a variety of technology tools, network with your peers, and celebrate the start of a new semester with food and drink. This event is open to the Leeward CC `ohana. Registration (by Sun. 8/12) is required to attend.

Register ( for the event, and on Tech It Out Day (Aug. 13), choose four sessions to attend out of 20 sessions. (See session descriptions below.) Please plan ahead which sessions you'd like to attend as some require certain devices, for you to download/install an app, and/or create an account prior to coming.

Sessions are hands-on; please bring your own device (i.e. laptop and mobile devices). Don't have a laptop? A Chromebook laptop can be provided for you upon request when you register. (Note: Some sessions require a certain type of device and will be noted in the session description. Also, depending on the session, mobile devices may have limited capabilities.)

Please come by the ED building, 1st floor elevator/lobby area at 8:30 a.m. to sign in, get some food and drink, and catch up with your colleagues before heading into your first session/classroom by 9:00 a.m.

Morning Instructions

To prepare, click through the following morning instructions.
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Tech It Out Day 2018 Schedule

There are four tracks/rooms of concurrent sessions. Choose four sessions from any room, as long as they are in different time blocks. Click on a session title in the table below to view its description. The keywords in italics are tags/descriptors of the tool being shared in the session. Print-friendly (PDF) version of the schedule also available.

TIME Room ED 101 (Brent) Room ED 102 (Leanne) Room ED 103 (Greg) Room ED 112 (Rachael)
ED bldg 1st floor ED bldg 1st floor ED bldg 1st floor ED bldg 1st floor
Session 1
Streaming Videos
academic video

Artificial Intelligence
futuristic, accessibility

web conferencing
Laulima Home Page
laulima, google docs
Session 2
Google Team Drive
file sharing

formative assessment
project management
Career Coach
Session 3
Online Reading Resources

formative assessment, video
Blogging with Edublogs
screencasting, video

Session 4

H5P Interactive Content
formative assessment

Google Sites

Please complete the survey. Prize drawing.

Please complete the survey. Prize drawing. Please complete the survey. Prize drawing. Please complete the survey. Prize drawing.

Session Descriptions and Resources

Room ED 101

  • Streaming Videos: Design and Create Playlists to Enhance Student Learning - With Academic Video Online (AVON) and Kanopy, you can share individual videos or clips of videos with students. In this session, you'll learn how to find movies, create clips and playlists, and share/embed playlists.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device. Resources: .
    Facilitators: Natalie Wahl ( and Junie Hayashi (, Library, Academic Services Division
  • Google Team Drive - Introducing Google’s Team Drive, a feature of our Google@UH Drive service. Team members can create and collaborate on documents that are owned by the team (not by an individual). At the end of the session participants will be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of Team Drive and evaluate when it is advantageous to establish a Team Drive for group collaboration.
    Required: Laptop. Resources: .
    Facilitators: Brian Ichida (, Teacher Education Program, Social Sciences Division, Gabe Garduque (, Teacher Education Program, Social Sciences Division, and Brent Hirata (, EMC, Academic Services Division
  • Unrequired Reading: Engage Your Students with Fun Reading - Access OverDrive, Flipster, and New York Times subscriptions from your Leeward CC Library for free. In this session, learn how to access online resources: books, magazines, and news from anywhere at any time.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device. Resources: OverDrive. Flipster. NYTimes
  • Facilitator: Natalie Wahl ( and Junie Hayashi (, Library, Academic Services Division
  • Augment Reality With Zappar - Zappar connects the digital world with the physical world around you.  Everyday things like worksheets and handouts can transform to reveal overlays with hyperlinks, and videos right there in front of you.
    Required: Laptop and Mobile device with free app installed - iOS and Android. Resources: .
    Facilitator: Brent Hirata (, EMC, Academic Services Division

Room ED 102

  • Artificial Intelligence? It really works! - You will be amazed! Your iPhone/iPad can help those with low vision “see” the world. In this session, you will be introduced to a free app, called Seeing AI, that can read to you, identify products and people, and even indicate how much light there is in the room. It is an amazing example of how artificial intelligence is helping those with disabilities. This is just the beginning. Come and be wowed as you play with this nifty, free technology. 
    Required: iOS mobile device with free app installed - iOS only. Resources: .
    Facilitator: Leanne Riseley (, EMC, Academic Services Division
  • Promoting Student Engagement with PearDeck - PearDeck is a fully integrated add-on to Google Slides that allows instructors to create fully interactive slideshows students can access from smartphones, laptops, or tablets. In this session, you will participate in a sample PearDeck activity, demonstrating how it’s used in the classroom. Then, you’ll be taken “behind the scenes” where you’ll learn tips and tricks on how Ashley used PearDeck for an entire semester across three different courses. Finally, participants will create their own a short (2-3 slide) presentation using the PearDeck add-on. 
    Required: Laptop. Resources: Pear Deck for Google Slides
    Facilitator: Ashley Biddle (, Psychology and Family Resources, Social Sciences Division
  • Get on the Grid! - Need a simple, user-friendly, and cool tech to engage students to talk anytime and anywhere? FlipGrid equips language teachers with tools to create prompts so students can easily join conversations with videos in any platform. With a social-media-feel, the new Flipgrid is modeled on student’s familiarity with apps they already use.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device with free app installed - iOS, Android, or Windows. Resources: FlipGrid Resources.
    Facilitator: Imelda Gasmen (, Hawaiian and Foreign Languages, Language Arts Division
  • Interactive Content Using H5P - This session is geared toward online and hybrid instructors who are interested in adding quick check-for-understanding activities to your online content. In this session, you will create interactive videos, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. These non-graded activities may be embedded into your course content for your students to use as self-checks. All activities can be licensed and shared as Open Educational Resources.
    Required: Laptop. Resources: Examples and downloads. Getting Started.
    Facilitators: Tracie Losch (, Hawaiian Studies, Arts and Humanities Division and Leanne Riseley (, EMC, Academic Services Division

Room ED 103

  • Zoom in Live! - Zoom is a web conferencing platform capable of video chat, screen share, and more! Come check out what Zoom has to offer (all for free), get your own free account, and try it out for yourself. Since Leeward's contract with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is ending this year we recommend using Zoom as a replacement.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device with free app installed - iOS or Android. Headset with mic or headphones/earphones. Resources: Get your free Zoom room.
    Facilitator: Greg Walker (, EMC, Academic Services Division
  • Using Trello in a DE Course - Trello helps to promote collaboration and keeps things nicely organized in clean and easy to use interface. Trello can be used for many different items from project management to lesson planning to software development. In this session, Pete will demonstrate Trello and how he used it during his online summer course to engage students in discussions. Participants will get to explore using Trello, too.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device with free app installed - iOS or Android. Resources: Trello Guide. Trello Getting Started Demo (video).
    Facilitator: Pete Gross (, ICS, Math and Sciences Division
  • Agog About Blogs Edublogs is Leeward Community College’s blogging platform. Blogging encourages students to write for an authentic audience and to comment easily on their peers' posts in a method they are familiar with since it is similar to other social media tools. For the second half of the session, participants will have a hands-on opportunity to post on a blog.
    Required: Laptop. Resources: Session presentationEdublogs Help and Support.
    Facilitator: Cara Chang (, English, Language Arts Division
  • Quick ‘n Easy Class Blogs - Get your FREE Edublog to Ignite Learning. Get your student, committee or project Edublog now! Introducing unlimited WordPress powered blogs, e-portfolios, and websites.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device. Resources: Edublogs Help and Support.
    Facilitator: Greg Walker (, EMC, Academic Services Division

Room ED 112

  • Customize Your Laulima Home Page - A customized Laulima home page can welcome students to your course, provide an overview of the course, instructor contact info and office hours, how to get started, brief weekly information or reminders, or whatever else you want. In this session, learn how to create a welcoming home page in Laulima using a published Google Doc. A template will be provided as a quick-start.
    Required: Laptop. Resource: How-to instructions.
    Facilitator: Rachael Inake (, EMC, Academic Services Division
  • Career Coach - A Retention and Completion Resource for Students - Career Coach is an online resource that helps students explore careers, get a career vision, choose an educational pathway that will prepare them for their career choice, and direct them to available jobs when they are ready to seek employment. It uses real labor market data in Hawaii where students can research over 800 careers in order to find the career that’s right for them. With Career Coach, students will ultimately see the value of achieving their college certificates and degree. In this hands-on session, you will learn how to navigate all of the features of this online resource tool.
    Required: Laptop or mobile device. Resources: .
    Facilitator: Ron Umehira (, Dean of Career and Technical Education, Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • Set Your Sites on Google - Google Sites is a web-based application to create websites that is included with our Google@UH suite. With Google Sites, you can create everything from a weekly modules website for your online course to a committee website to facilitate committee work and other service obligations. This session will showcase sample Google sites and Google Docs and how they can be used together to disseminate information as well as facilitate committee work. Participants will also get a chance to create a Google site of their own that they can test drive and/or start on for their own projects.
    Required: Laptop. Resources: Presentation slide deckGetting Started with Google Sites (Classic).
    Facilitators: Michael Oishi (, English Literature, Arts and Humanities Division and Rachael Inake (, EMC, Academic Services Division

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