Week 1 - Title

Thanks for your interest in using our weekly modules template. To get started, go to Week 0 - How to create a module. (You can delete this text when you're done.)

topic objective heading

Your week's topic objective.

introduction heading

One or two sentences introducing what you are doing this week.

topic summary heading

One or two paragraph summary/overview of the week's topic.

activities heading

A list of activities you want your students to do for the week's topic. You can choose to make a table that has a column for activity/task, location (i.e. where to submit completed activity), and due date.

Due Date
11:55 PM
Day x/x Activity 1
    Laulima > Forums
    Day x/x Activity 2 Laulima > Assignments

    assessments heading

    A list of assessments (for the activities) and the points for each. You can choose to make a table that has a column for the assessment and another column for the point value. The assessment text in the table can also be hyperlinked to a rubric document.

    Rubric Points
    Assessment 1 rubric.pdf 15

    resources heading

    • A list of additional resources/links related to the week's topic for the students' reference or for extension.