Tracker Lab

General Information

Location: Moore 427

Co-directors (Fall 2018): Dr. Katie Drager (Linguistics, interim) and Dr. Theres Grüter (Second Language Studies)

The Tracker Lab contains a remote eye tracking system (SMI RED250) and a portable eye tracking system (SMI REDn) used for experimental research on processing. Using the equipment in this lab requires specialized training and supervision. Please contact one of the co-directors of the lab for further information.

What can I do in the Tracker Lab?

Use the eye-tracking system to investigate language behavior and processing

Export and analyse data from the tracker system using customized software

Portable Eye tracking system
The portable eye tracking system (SMI REDn) includes a laptop and an eyetracking bar, and is available for use upon project approval. This system can be used at off-site locations, including field locations and labs outside of the LAE Labs.



Note to trained users

There is a Google calendar for booking space in the tracker lab. Please email Theres Grüter if you would like to be added to this calendar.


For TRACKER LAB USAGE POLICY please scroll down




Tracker Lab, Moore Hall, UH

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