General Information

Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Lab (SLAB)

Location: Moore 264
Hours*: SLAB is open during the semester when a monitor is present. See here for current monitor hours. Advanced Users may access SLAB at any time.

*All users must follow lab and security procedures. Failure to do so may result in loss of access privileges.

What can I do in SLAB?

SLAB is a space for conducting experimental research on language learning and processing. SLAB has been optimized to provide a quiet place for collecting data from human participants in a variety of experimental paradigms. The lab is equipped with three sound-attenuated booths containing computers (2 Macs, 1 PC) intended for data collection from psycholinguistic experiments. An additional four workstations (1 Mac, 3 PCs) are available for data collection in less noise-sensitive studies, as well as for stimulus construction and data analysis. Advanced Users can reserve individual workstations for data collection.


Microsoft Office Pro (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Audacity - audio editor and recorder
PsyscoPy - experiment design and operation 
Adobe Reader 
Psyscope X - experiment design and operation (Mac only)
Camtasia - screen recorder and video editor
PRAAT - prosodic and acoustic analysis
E-Prime - experiment design and operation (PC only)
Python - programming language
Open Office

A small reference library
Books and journals may be checked out for one week and manuals may be checked out overnight when a Lab staff is present. If you need to renew books, please send e-mail to
Note to advanced users

In order to obtain the door code for the SLAB door, please consult SLAB GAs during monitor hours; during the summer, please contact Dr. Theres Grüter (theres AT

LAE SLAB GA Schedule 
Please check the "Lab Reservations and Monitor Schedule" for week-to-week schedules (SLAB is at the bottom of the page).

SLAB, Moore Hall, UH

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