Psycholinguistics Lab

General Information

The Psycholinguistics Lab provides facilities for laboratory-, web-, and field-based research on how language is produced, comprehended, and learned as a first or second language. It provides resources for high-speed eye tracking (housed in the Tracker Lab) and other common psycholinguistic tasks (self-paced reading, picture naming, cross-modal priming, picture selection, story continuation, and more).  The Psycholinguistics Lab is a virtual lab that is housed across the physical spaces of the LAE Labs, with different psycholinguistic equipment found in each lab.

Our psycholinguistics equipment includes an SMI RED250 eye tracker; responses boxes with button, voice key, or foot-pedal inputs; sound-attenuated booths and running stations; language corpora; and specialized software (including E-Prime, R, SPSS, Praat, and PsychoPy). 

Most equipment is available to all LAE Labs users and is supported with in-house documentation and how-to files, which are available in the labs. Use of the eye tracker requires advanced training and approval from the directors of the Tracker Lab.

Psycholinguistics Lab, Moore Hall, UH