Phonetics Lab

General Information

Location:  Moore 162
Hours*: Between 9:00AM - 4:00PM, Mon-Fri.,  when a lab staff member is present.
*All users must follow the correct alarm and security procedures.

What can I do in the Phonetics Lab?

  • Make sound recordings
  • Digitize sound & video recordings from various sources to computer
  • Transcribe recordings             

    Phonetics Lab, Moore Hall, UH

  • Acoustically analyze sound files
  • Examine speakers' production strategies-e.g. relative timing of articulators
  • Borrow fieldwork equipment (microphones, sound & video recorders, transcribers, etc).
*To reserve or renew check-out items, or to cancel your reservation, please use the LAELabs Server. There is a link to this under "Equipment Reservations." However, we recommend that you come to the lab or call the lab first to make sure your items have not already been reserved.

  • Microsoft Office Pro (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Mac/PCquirer - acoustic recording and analysis
  • SoundEdit- acoustic analysis (Mac only)
  • PRAAT - prosodic and acoustic analysis
  • Psyscope - experiment design and operation (Mac only)
  • PsyscoPy - experiment design and operation 
  • E-Prime - experiment design and operation (PC only)
  • FLEx (FieldWorks Language Explore)-  language documentation
  • Language Corpora 
  • CLAN - language analysis software & corpora
  • PitchWorks - prosodic and acoustic analysis
  • Tlearn - program for connectionust modeling 
  • iMovie - video editing 
  • SIL IPA 93 Fonts 
  • Statview- statistics 
  • Canvas- graphics
  • DeltaGraph- creating graphs 

A small reference library

Books and journals may be checked out for one week and manuals may be checked out overnight when a Lab staff is present. If you need to renew books, please send e-mail to
Please see the Reference List attached at the bottom of the page.  

LAE Phonetics Lab GA Schedule 

Please note that this schedule is subject to change. Lab may be closed for classes or meetings. 
Please check the Lab Reservation and Monitor Hours by clicking the tab with the same name on the left at the top of the page for week-to-week schedules.
GAs and student assistants are available for consultation in the lab. Please understand that G.A.s monitoring the LAE Labs are also students taking classes. When there is no overlap between two G.A.s’ shifts and the phonetics lab needs to be reopened after a closure (as in  Tuesday), the monitor can be late from classes, meetings, and other duties. Please plan ahead your equipment check-out.

Ghizlane Ahrouch,
Nov 8, 2013, 4:58 PM