Become a Lab User

Participants in experiments do not need to become lab users. 

Becoming a LAE lab user

If you plan to use the labs frequently, work with participants in experiments, teach a class in the labs, or want to check out equipment, you should join the labs as an active lab user. Lab users should be working closely with a faculty member (or be faculty members). Graduate students who want to use the labs should also be active lab users.

Download the agreement form here, read it carefully, sign it and contact the LAE labs to schedule a time to take the LAE lab user quiz.
Take the quiz at the phonetics or General lab with a GA present. It will take approx. 30 mins. Please allow plenty of time to complete the quiz.
Turn in the completed agreement form to Moore 569. Allow at least one week for processing the form.

If you have any questions, please contact the lab GAs at

Mailing list
Lab users will be included in the "lae-labs" e-mail list through the process initiated by a submitted agreement form. The mail will deliver information about lab meetings, policies, events, and other announcements.

Lab Requests

All lab-related requests (including the installation of software, moving of equipment, and reservation of lab space) should be emailed requests to

Requests can be processed most easily and quickly if there is a relevant subject line and you state concisely what you will need, when you will need it, and what it is for (e.g., your dissertation project). Please recognize that the people who maintain the labs are faculty who have many other responsibilities, such as teaching and advising students, especially during busy times of the semester. It may take a few days for the relevant person to have the chance to get to your request. In cases where the request involves coordination among several faculty members, it can take much longer to get back to you.