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Elena Indjieva Language Documentation Virtual Lab

General Information:                              

Moore Hall, UH

Location: Moore 162 (in the Phonetics Lab)
Phone: 956-4616
Hours: Between 9:00AM - 4:00PM, Mon - Fri, when a lab staff member is present.
*All users must follow the correct alarm and security procedures.
Director: Dr. Andrea Berez (Linguistics)

What is the Language Documentation Virtual Lab?

The Language Documentation Virtual Lab is housed in the Phonetics Lab and has two compenents. The first of these is a collection of portable linguistic-fieldwork related equipment that students may check out and bring with them into the field.

The second component of the Language Documentation Virtual Lab is a suite of professional-quality digitization equipment that is shared with the Kaipuleohone University of Hawaii Digital Language Archive. Please see the Kaipuleohone website for a description of the equipment. Students may use this equipment only with the approval of the lab director, Dr. Andrea Berez, and only after completing training.

Equipment Available for Check Out

(coming soon)

The Language Documentation Virtual Lab is named after Elena Indjieva (PhD Linguistics, 2009), whose dedication to documenting and learning her heritage language, Mongolian Oirat, serves as an example to all her knew her.